Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nutjob Doctor Returns From Ebola Africa, Does Not Self-Quarantine, Goes Bowling

Dr. Craig Spencer, who was treating Ebola patients in Guinea and returned to New York City on October 17, was brought to Bellevue Hospital by ambulance today after exhibiting Ebola like symptoms. SEE: Ebola in New York City?

What is particularly concerning about this case is that he did not self-quarantine himself after returning from West Africa. Indeed, last night, CNN is reporting, that he took Uber to go bowling.

He is in Bellevue with a temperature of 103. From what I have seen  from reports of confirmed cases of Ebola, such as the two nurses, temperatures of Ebola patients do not immediately jump as high as 103. I believe both nurses reported to hospitals when their temperatures were elevated but before their temperatures were anywhere near 103.

This suggests, but is far from proof, that Spencer may have been out on the town last night with a lower fever. If so, it is, of course, highly irresponsible but further suggests that he may be something of anal retentive when it comes to following CDC guidelines, since CDC guidelines, bizarrely, state that concern need not be raised about Ebola until a person has a temperature above 103.

This guideline may make sense for a person in the general public, who has never directly come in contact with a person who has Ebola and may have a fever for a billion other reasons, but it is an absolutely absurd guideline for a person who has treated Ebola patients in the prior 21 days, as Spencer did.

Thank the heavens that the two nurses had the sense and did not wait until their temperatures hit 103 before taking action.

And thank heavens it is generally difficult to transmit, but if you are out and about, there is a small possibility of transmitting to others, during early stage infection and fever.


The New York Times is now confirming that Dr. Spencer has tested positive for Ebola.


 A further test will be conducted by the federal Centers for Disease Control to confirm the initial test.


From NYT:
[I]t emerged that he traveled from Manhattan to Brooklyn on the subway on Wednesday night, when he went to a bowling alley and then took a taxi home.
The next morning, he reported having a temperature of 103 degrees, raising questions about his health while he was out in public.

More from NYT:
 Spencer’s travel history and the timing of the onset of his symptoms led health officials to dispatch “disease detectives immediately began to actively trace all of the patient’s contacts to identify anyone who may be at potential risk,” according to a statement released by the department.

It was unclear if the city was trying to find people who might have come into contact with Dr. Spencer on the subway. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority directed all questions to the health department, which did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the issue.

At Dr. Spencer’s apartment in Harlem, his home was sealed off and workers distributed informational fliers about the disease. It was not clear if anyone was being quarantined.

Health authorities declined to say how many people in total might have come into contact with Dr. Spencer while he was symptomatic.

And, of course, the Mayor lied (from NYT):
“Our understanding is that very few people were in direct contact with him,” Mr. de Blasio said.
The mayor has no clue. Has he ever been on a subway between Harlem and Brooklyn?


A Bellevue employee told the Times that the medical staff had questioned why Spencer—who "seemed very sick,"—did not go to the hospital earlier.


 Crazed, Insane NYPD Ebola "Protocol"!!

Bowling Alley Where Ebola Patient Bowled is Identified as "The Gutter" in Brooklyn



  1. What makes matters worse is many working people in NYC dont live there, they commute to and from Rockland, Westchester, Dutchess, Orange and Ulster counties sometimes farther. Well its been nice reading your site Wenzel.....

  2. In other news, ny cabbies are now welcoming uber with open arms.

  3. Almost looks like these people are trying to spread the disease without looking like they're trying to spread the disease... wtf.

    1. Almost? Somebody should be jailed.

      For negligence at the very, very least.