Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Newt Gingrich Has The Verdict on Today's Shootings In Canada

By Chris Rossini

Quite a statement to make before any facts or evidence are released.

Politicians operate under the dictum of 'never let a crisis to go to waste'. Newt provides the military-industrial complex version.


  1. 1. Apparently he was a "lone gunman"
    2. It sucks that he managed to kill that soldier
    3. But he was soon shot down by one (competent) cop.
    4. Given enough craziness, one guy can do a lot of damage with ANY sort of weapon, even a SCREWDRIVER, regardless of ideology.
    5. This clown was on their radar, but they couldn't prevent him acting out.
    6. Begs the question: Is all this surveillance useless as well as anti-liberty???
    uh... I think I know the answer to that one...

  2. To be fair, Newt does have a point. Obama has terrible instincts on this sort of thing. Look at the Benghazi incident. Romney called it for what it was the next day. A terrorist attack. It took Obama months to come to that conclusion, even though the evidence was slapping him in the face. Of Course, Obama was trying to push a lie on the American people to win an election.