Thursday, October 16, 2014

Militarized USA: "Boot Camps" and "SWAT Teams" To Battle Ebola

By Chris Rossini

It ain't American if troops are not somehow involved.

Obama has already sent thousands of troops to Africa, and may send the National Guard.

Sticking with a military theme, USA Today reports:
President Obama has directed the Centers for Disease Control to dispatch rapid response "SWAT teams" of Ebola experts to any local hospital with an infected patient within 24 hours.
I wonder how many of those doctors and 'experts' woke up this morning knowing they'd be a part of a "SWAT Team"...

But wait! There's more.

Here's Joint Chiefs Gen. Martin Dempsey:
"That's another thing we do very well, we run good boot camps. So we're going to run a boot camp for health care workers coming from all over the world, using the Medicine Sans Frontieres program of instruction, to give those health care workers confidence that they know what they're up against and how to follow the proper medical protocols when they're in the hot zone."
In the "land of the free," it's all military all the time.

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  1. I don't understand why the Peace Prize President (PPP) hasn't called in a drone strike on Ebola yet.