Friday, April 24, 2020

Koch Network Will Not Support Shutdown Protests

Charles Koch
Murray Rothbard may rise from the dead to attack this Koch move.

Politico reports:
[T]he Koch network is explicitly rejecting the in-person protests.

Americans for Prosperity — the main political arm of the Koch family — decided not to join some of its former collaborators from the tea party movement, such as FreedomWorks, in embracing the protests or helping organize them online.

The move reflects a dramatic shift in tactics within the network, which in the past has spent hundreds of millions of dollars a year on political action. It also demonstrates how the grassroots activist wing of the Republican Party — which was once funded and largely molded by the Kochs — has veered away from the small-government priorities of an earlier era. Now, much of the take-to-the-streets anger channels President Donald Trump’s skepticism of the kind of expertise that lies behind the coronavirus shutdowns.

“The question is — what is the best way to get people back to work? We don’t see protests as the best way to do that,” Emily Seidel, CEO of Americans for Prosperity, said in a statement. “Instead, we are working directly with policymakers to bring business leaders and public health officials together to help develop standards to safely reopen the economy without jeopardizing public health. The choice between full shutdown and immediately opening everything is a false choice."
Work within the crony system?

 Develop standards to safely reopen?

Does this mean working to develop government dictates for all rather than leaving it up to free markets and free people?

What the hell, Charles?

First a phony joint peace movement with George Soros, now this?



  1. “The choice between full shutdown and immediately opening everything is a false choice."
    No, it’s not a false choice you central planning socialist. People need to just do what they want. Most of these mandates are not even law. Fight back!

  2. Paging Marshal Petain, paging Marshal Petain...

  3. Let's see.... we need a commission. The commission needs a staff. The staff needs a budget. They all need a sunny place to meet...Palm Beach? The Breakers Hotel? Cool.