Wednesday, March 11, 2020

George Carlin on Germs and the Immune System

Boy, in this period of COVID-19 panic, we really need George Carlin now more than ever.

 BTW, in this routine, he mentions that he doesn't wash his hand after going to the bathroom.

 The famed scientist Richard Feynman never washed his hands after going to the bathroom.



(ht The Traveler)


  1. If I'm going into a public restroom to take a whiz, I may wash my hands beforehand, not after. I don't want to touch my clean johnson with filthy hands. I know where my johnson has been all day, but lord knows what my hands have touched.

    1. There's a man who has got his priorities straight.

      OK here's a story:
      We're sitting around on the dock, talkin' about outboards.
      Everybody's got their favorites: Yammies, Evinrudes, Mercs.
      My girlfriend says: "I dunno, all those are great, but I like my little Johnson". And everybody looks at ME.

    2. At least it's an outboard and not an inboard...