Wednesday, May 15, 2019

When Social Justice Warriors Know They Have the Police to Back Them Up

Microsoft News reports:
A Southwest Airlines passenger was removed from a flight at Sacramento International Airport last week after jokingly asking a flight attendant if the water being handed out was vodka.

According to KTXL, the May 8 flight from Sacramento, California to Austin, Texas by way of Los Angeles had been delayed for several hours because of a maintenance light and the subsequent need to refuel when flight attendants began to pass out water to passengers.

"He said something [like], 'They should be passing out vodka because we’ve been waiting so long,'" passenger Peter Uzelac told KTXL, referring to the unidentified man's witty remark.

Uzelac said the flight attendant, who he described as young, was not amused.

"She came by and was like, 'I don’t think that and I didn’t like your joke.' Then my wife tried to butt-in there and say, 'Look it, we’ve been on this plane for hours.' And she says, 'Well, so have I, so get used to it,'" added Uzelac. "Then all of a sudden, I see her on the telephone up in front."

Uzelac said fellow passengers came to the man's defense after the plane turned back to the gate and several Sacramento County sheriff's deputies came on board to escort him off.

"And people started yelling then. In fact, people stood up. I stood up. People were saying this man didn’t do anything," he told KTXL.

The man wasn't charged with any crime but the incident prompted Uzelac to file a complaint with Southwest against the flight attendant. "If they have this in their records, you know, maybe it will prevent this from happening again," he said.
This kind of stuff will go on whenever an organization is too close to the police and employees are taught to call the police whenever there is trouble.

Something similar occurred recently when I visited a friend at San Francisco General Hospital (aka Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital). The place has become and armed police camp (probably something like the Green Zone in Iraq). A patient was loudly demanding some service that it seemed had been delayed for a couple of hours. The floor clerk picked up the phone and called the police. I was shocked. The patient seemed in shock.

I sort of indicated to the copper with face and hand gestures that nothing really went down. The copper left the patient with just a verbal warning.

Customer service is becoming a thing of the past at places like this. The closer we get to socialism in America, the more of these mini-Stalins we will have running around harassing us.



  1. I have found very few can handle conflict anymore.

    When I was an officer, for example, I had to respond to a call for service because a neighbor was angry that the leaves from the house next door blew onto his lawn.

    Thankfully we would tell him it was a civil matter and they can handle it themselves, and promptly leave.

    But calls like that were all too common. Pathetic really.

    Manners and conflict resolution are not police issues (whether the police agency is public or private).

  2. State power in the hands of airline employees has been a problem since late 2001. It's only more common as government partnerships with businesses expand and strengthen. However the breakdown in people's behavior to each other started much longer ago. Calling in the government seems to be a result of government school conditioning as well as the lack of respect for others that results in more and more laws. Most things we shouldn't need laws for but people play this 'there's no rule/law against it' game for the sake of being rude to others. Then more laws are created.

    So we take this conditioning on top of the control freakism that's been around since the Mayflower landed. We add in american backassward courtesy*. Add the idea that being good is for A to have the government help B by taxing C. We add in the modern 'mute' culture that comes from being able to silence anyone online either with a block or by deplatforming.

    Well it all comes to what we see now.

    *Neighbor A plays the stereo loudly at 7am. Neighbor B is supposed to get dressed and go knock on the neighbor's door and politely ask neighbor A not to do what A should have known not to do in the first place. Or in traffic, a motorist stops, delaying those behind him, for the benefit of someone who doesn't have right of way or just plain wants to do something against the accepted rules of traffic movement. The list is endless.

    This may not be all that clear, but IMO there's a bigger longer breakdown in play and I think it goes to modern Prussian model government schools.

    1. ding ding ding. government subsidized public schools and the agenda of dumbing down have been insanely successful. We now see the result.