Sunday, March 25, 2018

Second Hand Dealers in the Ideas of Liberty Have a Lot of Work to Do

A million people showed up in Washington DC yesterday to protest private gun ownership.

They have no understanding that the removal of guns in private hands would turn the country into a kill zone, especially for a government turned extreme authoritarian, just like the governments of Mao's China and Stalin's Russia did.
Then there is this clown.

-Robert Wenzel 


  1. "Useful Idiots". Please take our rights away and put us in FEMA camps !

  2. How does one break the spell of problem, reaction, solution?
    People aren't going to admit they fell for a con so they'll double down instead.

  3. For all their fear of being shot, not much body armor in that crowd.

    1. That's similar to the comment I've been making to people who support this rally. Clearly, they aren't too afraid of guns when they gather like fish in a barrel.

  4. Many of these people call Trump "Hitler." Why would you want only "Hitler's" goons to have the guns? This is a fascinating conflict for Trump-and-gun-haters to reconcile.

  5. Bob thinks you can educate the ineducable. Are you sure you actually read SJWs Always Lie, Bob? You reviewed the book. But you don't seem to have gotten the point.