Friday, August 18, 2017

Whoa! In the Middle of the Street, Alex Jones Chases Down Taunter


  1. Alex is going to get people killed this way ... maybe Wenzel should send Alex a primer on "libertarian strategy" or something.

  2. Alex has to be careful. From a libertarian point of view the guy could have clocked him by taking the position that Alex running at him was a violation of the NAP.

  3. Alex Jones is a joke. He is basically CNN for the far right and a Trump propaganda channel. Its been hilarious to see that he does not post about any articles about Trump's mass murders or constitutional violations when he did so frequently for Bush and Obama. In fact, if you look at the front page, the content is all about Islam and SJWs - topics that rile up Trump's populist base. I'm glad Wenzel has called out Trump, but he also needs to call the propaganda media on the right too like InfoWars, which has hurt the libertarian movement. WeAreChange is a lot better.


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