Sunday, October 23, 2016

INCREDIBLE Andrew Breitbart Explains Cultural Marxism

This is astoundingly excellent from Andrew Breitbart.



  1. I really liked Andrew very much and most people who worked with him or for him, or were associates, or friends, were very impressed with him. I think Breitbart dot com lost everything after his untimely death especially when it became a horrid and virulent anti-immigration propaganda forum and from there jumped the fence to become a full-day mouthpiece for El Trumpo and his band of merry Trumpistas, to the point where the good journalistic work published in the different eebsites was drowned by loud cheerleading for the boorish lout. A real shame because, again, I really liked Andrew.

  2. What struck me was this:

    They were trying to figure out how to effect . . . how to spread Marxism around the world. You could go to Bolivia, you could go to Bulgaria, and you could go to the peasant class, and you could say “Let’s flip this place.” The Marxist-Stalinist argument of getting the workers upset at the owners was very easy but not in America where the middle class was invested in their productivity, invested in the concept that they could have their own small little American dream . . . a white picket fence that they could invent something and go from one generation being dirt poor to being an owner within a very quick period of time. What these guys figured out . . .when they came to the United States–and Adorno is the one that drives me the most crazy–he came out to California . . . I think it was Bertolt Brecht . . . in the 1940s at the height of the Golden Age . . . . Think about this: these guys left Nazi Germany and Mussolini’s Italy to come to California and they lived by the beach (i.e., Santa Monica) and they were depressed by the relentless cheeriness, the productivity, and the capitalism that they witnessed around them. They came up with a . . . you can call it Cultural Marxism . . . but we experience it on a day-to-day basis, and by that I mean a minute-by-minute, second-by-second basis . . . it’s a political correctness and multiculturalism.

  3. Was Breitbart murdered, or was it an accident?

  4. Murdered. The coroner conveniently just before releasing the results of the autopsy. At least he got an autopsy unlike Scalia who was cremated against his wishes or belief system before he had a chance.