Tuesday, January 26, 2016

BREAKING Ammon Bundy Arrested; Shots Fired; Injuries

Ammon Bundy and three other members of the militia involved in an armed occupation in Oregon were arrested on tonight. There were reports of shots fired. There are reports of injuries in the area, but details about the arrests have not been released.

(via KATU)


The Oregonian reporter Les Zaitz initially reported that Ryan Payne, one of the occupation leaders, had suffered multiple gunshot wounds, but he later said his source was wrong. Hospital officials, however, have said they are expecting at least one patient as a result of the shooting, though details have not been released. Harney District Hospital in Burns is on lockdown.


One dead in shootout between Oregon militia and law enforcement. (via ThinkProgress)

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  1. Here is testimony from The Sharp Singers mother . She was in vehicle when it was pulled over