Sunday, December 6, 2015

POLL Most Americans Say the U.S. Should Send Troops to Iraq or Syria to Fight ISIS

Not good, the masses are being hyped to a fever pitch.

For the first time in CNN/ORC polling, a majority of Americans (53%) say the U.S. should send ground troops to Iraq or Syria to fight ISIS. At the same time, 6-in-10 disapprove of the President's handling of terrorism and 68% say America's military response to the terrorist group thus far has not been aggressive enough.



  1. This is particularly insane since much of this has resulted from terror attacks in the west that were not directed by ISIS or likely even Al Qaeda, except in the form of inspiration. They were independent cells, utilizing knowledge freely available to anyone with an internet connection. So despite these facts, why this change? Public opinion doesn't make any sense.

  2. I think the media has been working very hard to foment anti-Muslim feelings. On FB, people are writing that the US should nuke the Muslims - IMHO, that is just insane. And, you have the Mark Levins saying that it's okay to kill 1000 or 10000 innocent Muslims to stop ISIS. I'm surprised that only 53% say the US should commit troops (probably most of those folks don't have family or friends in the military).

  3. The sheeple are so easily led to slaughter . . .