Monday, May 4, 2015

Duck and Cover, It's Neocon Monday in America

By the end of today, two more warmongering neocons will have joined the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Carly Fiorina 

Friend of the neocons, Carly Fiorina has just formally launched her campaign.

"Yes, I am running," Fiorina said on ABC's "Good Morning America." "I think I'm the best person for the job because I understand how the economy actually works. I understand the world; who's in it." She has also launched the web site:

Carly Fiorina 

She is scheduled to be a guest and panelist at the neocon bash, The Weekly Standard  20th Anniversary Summit, at The Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs on May 14-16, 2015.

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO is a member of the CIA External Advisory Board. According to her web site:
Carly was hand-selected to help address the biggest foreign policy crises facing our nation over the last decade. 
From NYT:
 Ms. Fiorina has accused the Obama administration of playing down the threat of Islamic extremism...Ms. Fiorina has said that the United States should “stand up and arm Ukraine” to fight Russian-backed rebels, and that she would order high-profile military exercises in the Baltic States to send “a very clear message” to Mr. Putin...
While she does not endorse same-sex marriages, Ms. Fiorina supports granting government benefits to same-sex couples. 

Ben Carson

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson is also expected to announce his candidacy later today,

Ben Carson

We must keep our detention facility at Gitmo open....Keeping Gitmo open is a critical element in our never-ending efforts to keep the American people safe from another cataclysmic terrorist attack.
Carson on Putin:
Vladimir Putin’s Russia has become dangerously belligerent. It is actively destabilizing Ukraine, endangering Europe in the process and continuing to fuel destabilization in the Middle East. This newfound aggressiveness is a rising threat to the peace and security of the American people...President Putin must come to learn that there will be grave and serious consequences when Russia engages in naked aggression against other sovereign nations and free peoples. All options should remain on the table when dealing with international bullies such as President Putin.
Carson on Israel:
 The United States of America has had a special relationship with Israel ever since we were the very first nation to recognize her creation. The depth of our unique bond with Israel has only strengthened over the years...We must always stand with Israel and her people.

Warmonger  Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, is expected to enter the race Tuesday.


  1. The race is on!....between two clown cars and as everyone knows how many clowns can you get into a car?

  2. Carly Fiorina's gnarled face evidences her twisted war mongering demons, and a vain search for economy when looking for a plastic surgeon who could turn her face into a caricature of a soulless neocon who works on the CIA advisory board. I know one of the top dermatologists in the world and she who would never let a client see the light of day looking like that. If Carly is demented enough to hack her aging face in a fruitless effort to become a 21st century version of Elizabeth Báthory, think how badly she would hack what is left of this country in her search of a blood sacrifice worthy of her inner demons.

    As someone with 32 years of digital imaging experience I can not recall a female politician destroying their face in such a cringe worthy manner. This woman's soul is possessed at some level by some very bad juju, because she looks like she would be enraptured to arrive in Dante's nine circles of hell.

  3. HP was a client of mine when Carly was there, and when she was fired. She ran the company straight into the ground with her Compaq acuisition, right at the height of the dotcom bubble. She clearly has no concept of the business cycle, and her crowing achievement of being CEO of HP ended in spectacular failure when they brought in Mark Hued.

  4. I love this web site on Carly "just another warmonger" Fiorina.

  5. Well...y'know....Carly's got that red suit and all. Maybe we should let'er run. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?