Thursday, April 1, 2021

GM CEO Accused of Being Racist

Leaders of several major Black-owned media companies including Byron Allen and Ice Cube are accusing General Motors CEO Mary Barra of being racist for what they described as her refusal to meet with them.

They are asking for an hour-long Zoom meeting with her or, in the alternative, her resignation, reports The Detroit Free Press.

A full-page ad on page 3A in Sunday's Detroit Free Press states that Barra has refused to meet with them "consistently, over time and after multiple requests."

The ad is signed by the heads of seven Black-owned media companies including rapper and actor Ice Cube, who co-founded pro-basketball league BIG3, TV and film production company Cubevision, and Contract with Black America (CWBA), which he started with the goal of initiating "dialogues about racism."

Also signing the ad is Allen, head of Allen Media Group, and former NBA player Ulysses “Junior” Bridgeman, who bought Ebony Media last year.

The Black-owned media group wants GM to allocate at least 5% of its ad budget to Black-owned media companies, said Allen in an interview with the Free Press on Sunday. 

GM made the error of responding to the ad. The company should have ignored it.

Instead, it issued a statement saying it aspires to be the most inclusive company in the world, and that includes how it allocates its advertising expenditures.

"We have increased our planned spending with both diverse-owned and diverse-dedicated media across our family of brands," said GM spokesman Pat Morrissey in an email. 

That's moving the debate to the turf of the shakedown artists. GM will eventually buckle. When the company does, I may start a magazine with some of my black friends, "Blackman Driving." I could use a percentage of the GM advertising budget.

It should be noted that Barra is woke so she is just getting a taste of what it is like to support wokeism when you are no longer needed as a useful idiot.


(ht Scott B.)


  1. Tribalism centered around innate, physical features (skin color)... My, how our ancestors would laugh at what a silly, trivial society we've become.
    What's next---balding-guys' rights? Small-breasted women-owned media set-asides? The Blue-eyed vs. the Brown-eyed? Star-bellied Sneetches vs. No-Stars upon thars?
    There was so much potential within the grasp of Western Civilization, if only we'd reach out and take it---and we squandered it. Ludwig von Mises espied it. Hayek, Rothbard, and other visionaries recognized it... saw the heights to which civilization could aspire.
    And now here we are, dying...circling the drain...

    1. And I thought I was depressed before I read your comment. True, though.

    2. We depressed, SHTF guys need to stick together...maybe lobby for special rights...become a protected class under the law or something.

    3. Yes, we all know that melanin content is the only difference between the white and black races. Absolutely no one would be able to tell the difference between an African albino and a pale Icelander, providing of course the albino wore colored contact lenses.