Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Anarchists Want the Police to Masscare Protesters

The below is a very important analysis by Bret Weinstein of the strategy and goals of the anarchists that have infiltrated the protests. It is very concerning.

This falls in line completely with what I have reported in the past.

In  December 2014, I wrote:
These are full-fledged tear down society anarchists, who believe the entire structure of society must be leveled, including corporations who operate in the private sector and have no strong ties to the government. 
A friend familiar with their thinking tells me that they believe that once the entire structure is torn down, out of the ashes, phoenix-like, a new wonderful society will emerge. Thus, they see their current role as being one of wreaking havoc to advance the collapse.


  1. Perhaps the anarchists are hoping to be spared also by employing the protestors as canon fodder or pawns. I also wonder if the police tend to go after relatively peaceful protests because doing so carries less personal risk than does going after the more violent ones. This might explain why people protesting lockdowns get arrested while looters do not. People punch down or try to get other people to be the ones punched down.

  2. I doubt that these people are anarchists. I believe they are socialists so driven by envy at the success of others that they resort to violence and arson to tear others down to their miserable level.

  3. The cops and their political masters want everyone afraid of the rioters and looters and begging for The Clampdown. Who loots more, the cops or the looters?

  4. Another good clip from Bret Weinstein:

    A bunch of overgrown toddlers are in positions of power now. Their control of the corporate press became more complete over the last couple days as they gained complete control of the NYT editorial page. Hopefully their ridiculousness will redpill more people.