Tuesday, May 28, 2019

What the Stunning Brexit Party Victory in the EU Vote Means

In the United Kingdom, the Brexit Party, formed by Nigel Farage, was the clear winner in the European elections.

The Conservatives and Labour suffered heavy losses, with the former getting less than 10% of the vote. The Brexit win was a remarkable showing for a political party formed just six weeks ago.

The final count came in this way: The Brexit Party won 29 seats in the EU parliament, the Liberal Democrats 16, Labour 10, the Greens seven, the Tories four, the SNP three, and Plaid Cymru and the DUP one each.

 But what does the Brexit Party stand for?

At this point, there seems to be little beyond a desire to leave the European Union and pro-UK nationalist sentiment.

There is nothing close to policy positions on the Brexit Party website other than this video:

That said, stated objectives of the party were released by the Electoral Commission as a result of a freedom of information request in May 2019. The filing of such objectives with the Commission is mandatory.

The statement is something of a formal legalese statement and it is unclear how significant it will be in driving the ultimate goals of the party but it is an extremely promising first step for liberty lovers.

It describes the party as seeking to "promote and encourage those who aspire to improve their personal situation and those who seek to be self-reliant, whilst providing protection for those genuinely in need; favour the ability of individuals to make decisions in respect of themselves; seek to diminish the role of the State; lower the burden of taxation on individuals and businesses."

Farage has stated that a platform would be forthcoming after the just completed EU election. We will see what that brings in terms of sticking to the originally stated objectives and what the Party ends up actually supporting.

But a tiny glimmer of light may be glowing in Old Blighty.

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