Friday, January 5, 2018

Scott Adams May Turn on Trump

It appears that the guy who has promoted the idea, that President Trump is a genius playing four-dimensional, is considering pulling his support for Trump.

Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams warned Trump on a broadcast today to not to stop states from legalizing marijuana, warning: “I’m gonna turn on this president faster than anyone has ever turned on him.”

Adams said that Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s decision Thursday to rescind an Obama administration policy from 2013 that refrained from enforcing federal marijuana laws in states that had legalized the drug was not necessarily a bad sign for users of medical and recreational marijuana, since Sessions left discretion in the hands of each state’s U.S. Attorney. He did not order a crackdown by federal law enforcement on states that had legalized it.

However, Adams said that the decision to maintain marijuana as a Schedule I drug — the most dangerous category of drugs, with “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse” — was a worrisome sign.

Adams says he has used weed to deal with stomach pain. Now, it appears Trump is developing into a bigger pain.

(via Breitbart)


  1. " an Obama administration policy from 2013 that refrained from enforcing federal marijuana laws in states that had legalized the drug "

    But did the federal government actually live up to that or did it simply get more selective in who it enforced upon? I seem to recall it was more of the later. At least all the auxiliary laws that made running marijuana businesses difficult and risky were still in play.

  2. I hope the feds completely over reach on this and a myriad of "safety" laws. (appliances, cars, etc.)
    At some level of repression, Joe Sixpack will wake up and realize who the real enemy is.
    A good analog is the 1960's draft and all the anti-war action among young guys. Well, they rescinded the draft (which (rescinding) is in and of itself, a good thing) but this took the steam out of the anti-war movement. So now, everybody is USA USA all the time.
    You see how I nested the parentheses above? All that "C" coding has warped my mind.

  3. Adams is good on the "master persuader" thesis, but wrong about nearly everything else. Sessions cares far more about immigration than he does about drugs, particularly marijuana. This is simply him playing hardball with California, formerly the Golden State and now the Sanctuary State. California caves, or loses out entirely. In other words, this actually is 4D chess, and Trump is winning, as usual. Sounds good to me.

  4. A recent comment at Vox Day's site on just this subject. Tell, what makes more sense? I'm from Los Angeles myself, and this guy is right. Real estate is the real power broker in the state.

    The marijuana kerfluffle is the first countermove against sanctuary state.

    Almost everyone thinks that Silicon Valley or Hollywood is the big power in this state. And almost everyone would be wrong.

    Commercial real estate is the power. They have used that power ruthlessly. They destroyed an entire financial sector--practically every savings & loan/thrift association--to avoid the consequences of overbuilding in the 1970s and 1980s, and they got draconian land use policies in place in the 1990s and 2000s to close out possible disruption from outsiders.

    They LIKE having a single party in Sacramento. They only have to keep one small group of political elites happy & funded instead of two.

    But now they're looking at whole chunks of their portfolios being at risk of seizure by the DEA--including commercial office buildings as Big Weed begins to emerge.

    Sanctuary state is opening fire on Fort Sumter. Going after "legal" weed is the Federal blockade of Southron trade.

    Either the Democrats repeal sanctuary state (which may be politically impossible), or the commercial real estate sector will see to it that the Democrats get removed.

    (Given an existential threat from the people who can make or break the California economy, the Democrats MIGHT be able to undo sanctuary state and become born-again Trumpistas. This would be endlessly amusing to watch, if it could happen. But, given the YUGE number of gammas in Democrat leadership, it's not the way to bet.)

    1. There is no way the Feds can seize anything without the local sheriffs depts and city police forces and if commercial real estate holds as much power as you suggest and really i have no reason to doubt you then their holdings are pretty safe.