Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Justin Raimondo: Rand Campaign Committed Suicide

Justin tells Olivia Nuzzi of The Daily Beast:
He trimmed his sails and he didn’t have to. Especially in this year, when people are looking for authenticity, he was a little too calculating...the Paul campaign committed suicide.


  1. Chris Cantwell was planning to vote for Trump in the NH primary, which says a lot about how bad Rand's outreach to libertarians has been.

    1. Cantwell is no longer a libertarian.

    2. Cantwell hasn't abandoned libertarianism but I'm not convinced he is right after reading his post. His argument is similar to Wenzel's in that he is rooting for the candidate which he sees as being least harmful/effective.

    3. "Cantwell is no longer a libertarian."

      If true I am see unfortunately seeing this occur quite bit lately. The majority of humans simply prefer tyranny. Perhaps many decades or centuries from now humanity will eventually stop repeating the same mistakes regarding the state. However, this does not appear very likely.

  2. @matthewmurphy Other libertarians that I follow and read say that he has gone completely neoreactionary. When reading about their philosophy it comes across that they are at least honest that liberty isn't their goal