Thursday, November 5, 2015

Rubio Lashes Back at Trump Over Finances

One day after declining to return fire at Donald. Trump for ridiculing his past difficulties with a credit card,  Marco Rubio lashed back, mocking Trump for his own record of business bankruptcies, reports NYT.

“I find it curious that Donald Trump, the only person in this race that’s filed for bankruptcy not once but four times, is attacking anybody’s finances,” Rubio told reporters today after filing his papers of candidacy in the State Capitol to be on the New Hampshire primary ballot.

But Rubio won't release quetionable credit card charge records. He used a Florida Republican Party credit card while he was in the State Legislature there.

He used the card for personal reasons, but has said that he paid American Express directly for those costs.

“They’re not public documents, guys,” Rubio said, according to NYT, when asked a question about the records, adding, “It’s not a big deal and I don’t think the people will be impressed with it.”


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