Tuesday, October 20, 2015

HOT Exclusive Interview With Rand Paul's Campaign Manager: Why the Campaign is Going Off the Rails

MoFo gets the exclusive and sits down with Rand's campaign manager:



  1. Randy Dandy thtough wrong--trying so hard being #1 ass wipe to the Zionist cause,it would automaticly lead him to the Kingship. More like dog house.

  2. Once he kissed that wall he kissed my vote goodbye...

  3. In the recent cnbc interview rand said that his dad should've been termed out "eveb though he was one of the best in there". He also discusses libertarianism at length. Its worth a readc titled "ten questions for rand paul". Has video too.

  4. Was Rand's campaign ever really on the rails? It seems to me that his strategy was, in essence, very one-dimensional at the outset and that is what has cost him dearly.

    Rand's campaign is, and has been, toast.


    *In fairness, I note Bionic Mosquito called it publicly well before me back in mid-May.

  5. Who looks the worst in the aftermath of this wretched mess of a campaign- Chip Englander, Doug Stafford, or Rand himself?