Tuesday, May 12, 2015

US Troops Conduct Military Maneuvers in Russia's 'Backyard'

Will Rand speak out against this?

Georgian troops are currently conducting military maneuvers with mechanized US units in order to make Georgia’s army strong enough to provide a company for rapid NATO Response Force, Die Presse reported.

A military maneuver began in Georgia on Monday, remaining, however, largely unnoticed among Western media, the Austrian newspaper Die Presse reported.

The exercise called "Noble Partner" is a two-week bilateral operation of Georgians with mechanized infantry units from the United States.

The objective of this maneuver is to prepare Georgia’s infantry for future missions in the "NATO Response Force", which is a 25,000-strong rapid deployment force with ground, air and sea components, according to the German paper.

In February 2015, Russia already expressed its disapproval regarding the opening of a joint Georgia-NATO training center. The Russian envoy to NATO, Alexander Grushko, called this step a “provocation”.


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