Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rand Wants to Give US Taxpayer Money to Sunni Chieftans

The neocon-ish Rand just popped up again. He told CNN:
The other thing I would do, is one of the things we did during the surge. People talk about American troops during the surge, one of the other things we did was put a lot of money into assistance to the Sunni chieftains to encourage their support. If you weigh that amount of money worth what we're spending on other things, I think it would be money well spent to try to encourage the allegiance of the Sunni chieftains again.

1 comment:

  1. RW I think you missed the bigger issue.

    This bozo wants to recognize Kurdistan(which I'm fine with), but will send the Turks into a frenzy.
    I sense a "retraction " by the Rand RepubliCAN campaign coming.

    As for the Sunnis.
    The U.S. screwed them after the surge.
    I tend to doubt they want to do anything for America again.