Sunday, April 29, 2018

On Draper's Plan to Split California in Three: "It will definitely leave the Marxist, Commie, Progressive authoritarian wackos in charge"

Mitch Black emails in response to the post, The Latest Plan From a Billionaire Who Wants To Split Up California Into Three Separate States:
I really have to chuckle at this proposal, as if the map it is geographically correct, it will definitely leave the Marxist, Commie, Progressive authoritarian wackos in charge. Shutting Sacrament down is optimal, but splitting the state from north to south running from Mendocino county, 50 miles inland down to Sand Diego would, in my opinion be a better way than what is being proposed. Having grown up in Visalia, California in the 60's and 70's, I am certainly biased. But of course, I would say biased in favor of sanity :-) Haha. Would that folks would begin to understand that government is as Murray would say, "A gang of thieves writ large" and I add, a very violent bunch as well.

Seriously, if the state were partitioned in this manner, it wouldn't solve a thing.
As I said, focus should be on shrinking government, not these silly games of dividing up power amongst different bands of lefties. They are moving the discussion away from the pursuit of liberty.

-Robert Wenzel  


  1. Is this closer to Mr. Black’s suggestion?

  2. The first (realistic) step in "shrinking government" is to shrink each government entity's power. The federal government is a lot more powerful than state governments, which are a lot more powerful than local governments, given the different resources under their respective commands and the different physical distances from the ruled. More concentrated power also makes it easier for crony capitalists to get their way over a broader segment of the population. This is why statists are always looking to consolidate power into ever-higher levels of government, commanding ever-greater physical areas (e.g., Alexander Hamilton re federalism, the EU vs. individual European states, the globalists desire to elevate the status of the UN, etc.).

    I stand a much greater chance of convincing 5,000 local neighbors to turn their back on our village government than convincing 320 million US citizens to turn their back on the federal government.

    1. I don't see why this isn't obvious. There are two massive liberal centers in CA -- LA and Silicon Valley -- that force their agendas on the rest of us. Breaking up the state will help a lot of us, and eventually when the socialist centers only have funding sources from their own areas, it will put a limit on their spending since they don't have a Fed spigot like the Federal Government.