Ice Pick Used to Kill Trotsky

Below, the blood-stained mountain climbing ice pick used to kill Leon Trotsky.


When you play the power game, you are always vulnerable to being taken out by another power player. Even if you are as shrewd a power player as Trotsky. 

From the Moscow Times:
After a power struggle and changing relations between Trotsky, Stalin and Lenin, Stalin used Lenin's stroke (which left him unable to speak) and subsequent death to push Trotsky out of power. In 1927 Trotsky was thrown out of the party. In February 1929, he was banished forever from the Soviet Union.

Trotsky settled in Mexico in 1936. In 1940, an assassin named Ramon Mercader (known to Trotsky as Frank Jackson) stabbed Trotsky with an ice pick under Stalin's orders. [Trotsky's] killer would spend the next two decades in prison, during which time Stalin presented Mercader with an Order of Lenin. 


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