Sunday, May 16, 2021

Wenzel Battles Two Trial Attorneys Over the Private Property Society


Mark Victor, Andy Marcantel and Robert Wenzel

I recently appeared on the podcast, "The Peace Radicals", which is hosted by two libertarian lawyers.

This was probably the best discussion I have had about the Private Property Society.

Mark and Andy are hardcore freedom advocates but they are limited government types rather than anarcho-capitalist types. Because they are both skilled defense attorneys, their "cross-examination" style really gave me a workout. But, by the end of the discussion (one hour and 17 minutes), I think it was clear how my Private Property Society is different from the limited government perspective and why I see central power as the great danger.

The podcast episode is here.


1 comment:

  1. Super entertaining. But damn, debating lawyers is exhausting when they try to "win" vs seeking truth. These gents weren't terrible but definitely not steel manning your argument. Plus they tend to not understand how markets work or that their "exception cases" may require time evolve to the right solution.