Monday, May 17, 2021

Walter Block on Shooting Coyotes in a Vancouver Park

As a follow-up to Dr. Walter Block's important article, Coyotes in Stanley Park.

We had this brief email exchange:

Hi Walter,
In your heroic recommendation to privatize Stanley Park (I have been there and I agree it is as beautiful as you suggest), you offer two private sector solutions to the current coyote problem in the park:
"It doesn’t take an entrepreneurial genius to appreciate that one of the very first steps of a Stanley Park Corporation would be to round up all of these predators, and either place them in a zoo, or release them into the wilds where they could do no harm."
Would you have an objection to the private owners shooting and killing the coyotes if they thought that was the best solution?


 Dear Bob:
No objection.
Best regards,

BTW, it looks as though I will be debating Dr. Block this September in San Francisco on the existence of natural rights. He will debate in support, I will argue against. Details to follow. 



  1. Debate in September! Great! We all love you here, but I have to say that, unless you sharpen your game, my money is on Walter Block. From what I know of your views on the subject, you have not really addressed the argument fully.


  2. Crossing fingers this will be in early to mid-September to add this stop on my planned trip

  3. I will fully support the individual rights of coyotes as soon as they recognize mine.

    That applies to politicians and their thugs, too.