Thursday, May 13, 2021

Trump: "I am the father of the vaccine."

Just a reminder as to how big a buffoon Trump is, to any libertarians Trump fanboys who might still be out there.

The clown is promoting that he is responsible for a vaccine that makes no sense for anyone under the age of 60---and might even be worse than the virus.

He told Fox News,  "I am the father of the vaccine. It was a miracle, it saved tens of millions of lives. Pausing the J&J vaccine was stupid!"

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  1. Buffoon, yes. Clown, yes. Above all, an attention whore.Just like all the Hollywood "celebrities". He should go back to TV or get a job as a carnival barker.

    1. Still million times better than your regular murderous psychopaths aka American political establishment.

    2. Whatever his faults - and they are many, controlled opposition etc. - Ronald Grump is a stick in the eye to Political Correctness, the AP/Reuters style page for socialism. That's ultimately why he had to go.

  2. Like RW, I will support any policy that leads to liberty such as abandoning Afghanistan, I mean, withdrawing from the war on terror and all overseas bases and ending all foreign aid.

    Fred Reed on today's notes America Makes Aircraft Carriers, China Makes Money.

  3. Let the elites fight amongst themselves thereby leaving less time/effort to think up new ways to tighten the screws on us and keep us in our places.