Thursday, May 6, 2021

Midget-Mao Regulations to Be Imposed on Returning Salesforce Employees

While making his announcement, the presumably vaccinated Marc Benioff displayed how he wasn't taking any chances and wore a mask outside, going beyond CDC guidance, on the chance that perhaps plants, weeds or cement were shedding the virus.  

Arguably the most lefty Greater Bay Area CEO in a sea of stiff lefty competition, Marc Benioff, founder and CEO of Salesforce, has announced the terms under which employees can return to work in Salesforces offices.

Benioff tweeted out Wednesday that employees can return to their offices on May 17.

But here is the deal. According to KRON-TV, returning employees must be vaccinated against COVID 19 and also be tested for the virus twice a week.

Salesforce said the office will open to ‘Volunteer Vaccinated Cohorts’ who will be in groups of 100 or fewer people, working on designated floors in certain offices.

Fortunately, rather than go through the nutty COVID-19 corporate protocol for a virus that is unlikely to be a serious threat to anyone working at Salesforce, employees will be allowed to work from home through the end of 2021 if they choose to.



  1. If pressed to accept liability for medical intervention, I assume salesforce will quietly offer employee severance.

    I expect my company to do the same.

    I wonder how this will all play out with companies located in Florida, where Desantis was suggesting (or more?) that companies would be fined for demanding vaccine information.

  2. A friend who works at Salesforce says that it’s way worse than this post indicates.

    Employees must wear a mask at all times, including when sitting at a desk or alone in a conference room. Plexiglass shields surround desks. Contact tracing is done continuously in the office. If someone who tests positive came within a certain distance of you, you may be told to quarantine. Only one person at a time may ride an elevator. Employees must schedule elevator rides in advance.

    Salesforce would like everyone to get vaccinated but will not require it “at this time”.