Monday, May 3, 2021

How Does Scott Gottlieb Sleep at Night?

Scott Gottlieb, former FDA chairman and current Pfizer board member, seems excited that children who have a near-zero possibility of a serious health consequence if they are infected with COVID-19 will be given COVID-19 vaccines that were rushed through trials.



  1. Vampires don't sleep at night.

  2. The same way their families can because they are part of the privileged (bureaucrats) not the entitled (welfare) class.

  3. Former head of the FDA, an agency with a revolving door to the industry it regulates, an agency that already pushes dozens of vaccines on children, many of dubious value, now is pushing one more. What a surprise.

    A general was put in charge of Operation Warp Speed (, promised a vaccine by the end of the year and delivered. My guess is that the military had already tested it on recruits and knew it wouldn't kill takers in the near term at a high enough rate to cause them problems. Evil though they may be, it would not be in their interest to have lots of people start dying soon, so I think they were willing to push this on everyone because they already have some experience with it. I can't prove it, but I think it makes sense.

    1. makes much more sense than what passes for news!

  4. Correction: still under trial according to one of the big pharma cronies that have been alleviated of liabilities, “Phase 1: 7 and 21 days after Dose 1; 7 and 14days and 1, 6, 12 and 24 months after Dose 2”

    24 months, two years after dose two. Based on the established story, at best they started working on C-19 vaccines in late 2019. So we have at least to the end of 2021 until trials are complete.