Friday, May 14, 2021

Criminal Complaint Filed Against Swiss National COVID-19 Task Force

Martin Ackermann

A criminal complaint been filed against Martin Ackermann, the head of the Swiss National Covid-19 Science Task Force and “possibly other parties involved”, for deliberately and successfully frightening the population in accordance with Art. 258 of the Criminal Code, reports Pilatus.

The complaint was submitted by five associations and seven private individuals, as they wrote in a message on Friday. Including associations such as the “Friends of the Constitution” and the youth movement “Mass-Voll”.

The plaintiffs accuse Martin Ackermann of the following crimes, among others:

  • Repeated publication of implausible horror prognoses regarding the occupancy of the intensive care beds, with the aim of terrifying the public and implementing more stringent measures.
  • Repeated and systematic manipulation of past ICU bed data, presumably with the aim of making the current situation appear more dramatic.
  • False statements about hospitalizations and deaths. On the occasion of the Federal Council's press conference on October 27, 2020, Martin Ackermann commented on the current situation: “Switzerland today has more hospitalizations and deaths per day than in mid-March. And the numbers keep increasing. " The statement was wrong at this point. However, the numbers were later corrected upwards due to late registrations (which were debatable in themselves).
  • Constantly changing reasons for tightening or maintaining the measures, depending on which indicator fits best into the desired narrative.

Criminal complaint filed with the public prosecutor

The Zurich Limmat public prosecutor's office is now requested to open a criminal investigation and to secure documents on the criminal offenses from the accused and “any accomplices”. Yves Fl├╝ckiger, board member of «swissuniversities», Michael Hengartner, president of the ETH board and Matthias Egger, president of the Swiss National Science Foundation and first president of the task force, are named as accomplices.


(ht Mark Changizi)


  1. Yelling fire in a theater...

  2. A leak left unplugged will turn into a flood. The question is what kind of insurance Martin Ackermann et al have?

  3. I didn't think I could respect Switzerland even more...