Tuesday, May 18, 2021

BREAKING: New York Attorney General Says Trump Organization Probe is Now a Criminal Investigation

New York's attorney general is now investigating the Trump Organization for criminal offenses, The Daily Mail reported late Tuesday evening.

The office, led by Letitia James, had been investigating the company for civil tax offenses since early 2019. The investigation has now escalated.

"We have informed the Trump Organization that our investigation into the Organization is no longer purely civil in nature," said Fabien Levy, a spokesman for the office. 

"We are now actively investigating the Trump Organization in a criminal capacity, along with the Manhattan DA."

A person familiar with the investigation told CNN that several investigators with the James's office, who are considered experts on the Trump Organization, have joined Vance's team.  

Notes the Mail:

It was not immediately clear why the two law enforcement agencies are now collaborating years into their previously separate investigations. 

Partnerships between the two New York law enforcement offices are rare. 

Seeking power is a very dangerous game, as Trump is learning. 



  1. "Seeking power" LOL. Try "Seeking to save the country".

  2. RW, has Trump learned anything during his time in office? The bigger question is whether the pendulum will swing the other way assuming the Dems lose power which at this point is guaranteed not to happen.

    This is setting a precedent, Obama will not be off limits.

    What goes around comes around. Got to get more organic heirloom popcorn.