Friday, May 14, 2021

Biden Uses the Evil Cass Sunstein Trick

President Biden says you no longer have to wear a mask---if you are vaccinated.

This is an evil Cass Sunstein trick. 

You are given "freedom" by being "allowed" two distasteful alternatives that drive you toward the desired government choice.

This is the second time a Sunstein trick has been used during the lockdowns.

Early on during the lockdowns, it was Sunstein who promoted the idea that wearing a mask and getting vaccinated was about not killing your grandma and others:

From the paper's abstract (my  bold)

Results: When a message emphasized individual benefit, vaccination intentions decreased (free-riding). Communication of social benefit reduced free-riding and increased vaccination intentions when costs to vaccinate were low. Conclusions: Communicating the social benefit of vaccination may prevent free-riding and should thus be explicitly communicated if individual decisions are meant to consider public health benefits.

Apparently, he doesn't like that I report on his views:

For a general perspective on what Sunstein has been up to, see my 2009 post, Getting Nudged, Real Hard.

I figured him out back then. From the post:

In a 57-40 vote, President Obama's nominee, Cass Sunstein, was confirmed as Director to the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

Don't let the humble title of the position fool you. This is a very powerful position, with a very power hungry man in the position. Any thought you had remaining, that this country in the future will be anything like your grandfather's country, will surely be destroyed after you learn what Sunstein is all about...

He believes that "A system of limitless individual choices with respect to communications is not necessarily in the interest of citizenship and self-government."

As far as the mask-vaccine "choice," it remains to be seen how many "private" sector companies require proof of vaccination (a vaccine passport) before allowing customers into their locations. Remember, if you don't have a vaccine passport, you will in such cases be required to wear a mask that will immediately signal to others your anti-vaccine position.

It would be a "scarlet mask" and signal to shun you.



  1. One has to understand the pressure points - where will it really escalate to where it isn't worth it. It is a matter of people responsible to enforce and their willingness to confront people.

    Buck the system every chance one gets. Even now, I have recently twice traveled going through O'Hare for connecting flights both ways. Did not wear a mask in the originating airport, even through TSA security. Did not wear a mask at anytime through O'Hare. Only problem was in United Club where agents go about the club like nannies demanding people to put their mask on. I'll just start eating or sipping.

    I find in most places, personnel are not willing and/or like airports, there's literally no-one in the general airport that has enforcement responsibilities. I walk past airport police, TSA agents, airline and airport personnel with no issue. In general, I know the retail establishments that are not enforcing, and the ones that do I give them a hard time.

    One pressure point is boarding the aircraft. During flight, one can remove mask or nose exposed for vast majority of flight. Another may be security, but try it out. If they ask, then do put it on but rebuff the whole charade. Another may be a healthcare setting.

    There are very few and far between instances where masks are going to be enforced.

    Most retail is not a pressure point. Even with signs saying masks absolutely required or no entry, they really do not enforce.

    1. I've noticed that people don't like enforcing the store policies, and I have rarely been asked to put a mask on. I've walked out of a couple places that asked me to wear one. There are other places to shop.

    2. Yeah, that is my tactic; leave the store politely if they ask for the mask. It has only happened once, and that was after I paid. I said I would not be back, which has been the case.

  2. It's not something Sunstein came up with. It's nothing but the old mafia technique. You either pay them for protection or your business gets trashed.