Sunday, May 9, 2021

Biden is About To Hit Pfizer With the Proverbial Trotsky Ice Pick

One of my important themes here at Target Liberty is the idea that it is very dangerous for corporate executives to cozy up to power.

Things may work out for a company in the short term but the power being cozied up to will turn on a corporation whenever it becomes in the interest of the power to do so.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is getting introduced to this concept.

There is no question that Pfizer has benefitted greatly from the United States government's promotion of and purchase of COVID-19 vaccines. But, to paraphrase Mick Jagger, the change has come, Pfizer is now under the government's thumb.

The Biden administration is considering waving patent protection on the COVID-19 vaccines.

Bourla, whose company produces one of three vaccines approved for emergency use in the U.S., said that he believes “categorically” that the waiver proposal will “create more problems.”

Bourla boy, that is the way these things go, the Biden administration has other power players to appease, the proverbial Trotsky ice pick is out.

No one is safe under a central power.



  1. Surely you jest, RW, according to Paul Hansen we have a free market. So what you're saying is that this couldn't happen in a free market.

  2. I think you mean Sam Cooke's " A Change Is Gonna Come". He got his ass shot.
    Hayek said we can't precisely predict the future, however a pattern will emerge. Don't look back liberty lovers. They might be gaining on ya.

  3. pfizer said they expect to make 15 billion from the 'vaccines' in 2021. yes that stinks they are only going to make 15 billion, how will they survive as a company?

  4. Except patents aren't a free market phenomenon; they are the opposite of a market-based structure. An exclusive grant of privilege in a market sector by the state? The explicit direction to disclose all information about your patented good or service?

    If anything, Biden is acting in a pro-market fashion, at least on the surface. But Biden, really his handlers that are running the administration, is as clueless as the rodent from Pfizer who is only repeating "everybody knows" nonsense. Patents don't help innovation or capital growth; they only cause unnecessary and expensive burdens on businesses and stifle development. Unless you're Pfizer and have billions of dollars in your patent law war chest.