Sunday, May 2, 2021

Are the COVID-19 Vaccines Safe?


I have major suspicions about the COVID-19 vaccines.

There is no question they were rushed through testing protocols and then, of course, there is the new mRNA technology that is being used with most of them.

On top of this, it is difficult to find any justification for anyone under 60, who doesn't already have serious medical complications, to get the vaccine. If you are under 60, the odds are incredibly small that you will suffer any serious medical condition if you become infected with the virus.

Thus, it is highly suspicious when government medical officials are promoting that every adult be vaccinated and now they are even promoting the idea that children should be vaccinated.

That said, I must caution that there are a lot of videos out there advancing all kinds of theories as to problems with the vaccines. I get them sent to me by readers on a daily basis. There isn't one that doesn't have serious logical error. A lot of the claims are pure nuts.

I have placed reports here at Target Liberty of some of the reactions that people have had to the vaccines, which appear to be genuine. But these reports aren't ever provided in the context of how many are experiencing the same and we just can't trust mainstream media or the government to report the facts or the true context. BUT I haven't yet posted a theory as to what the vaccine does positively or negatively because the data is just not there (at least publicly) to develop any strong theories.

I am proud of the fact that within 48 hours of the Imperial College of London report on the supposed number that would die of COVID-19 that I called out problems with the report:

Will 2.2 Million Americans Die From COVID-19?

On the opposite end,  I also called out Hoover Institute's Richard Epstein's absurd statements that COVID-19 infections were going to be about 3% of normal flu infections and that only 500 Americans would die from it.

A Serious Problem With Richard Epstein's Optimistic Case On the Spread of COVID-19


Richard Epstein Nonsense, Again

But these were relatively easy claims to refute. The vaccination situation is much more complex and we aren't getting anywhere near the data and context to evaluate the vaccines. Unless those vaccinated start to get serious complications in large numbers, we are unlikely to be able to get sound contextual data to evaluate for years. That is until after the current vaccine hustlers are out of the way.

The videos you are seeing of medical professionals who are making videos with warnings about the extreme dangers of the vaccines aren't making the air-tight claims they are proclaiming. 

I am very suspicious of the COVID-19 vaccines (I am certainly not going to get vaccinated) but we are far from seeing all the evidence to even hazard a guess as to how serious of a problem the vaccines are.



  1. Even without data, the blood clotting we see is enough to demonstrate that the mechanism of action behind these gene-based vaccines concerning. This applies to both the mRNA (Moderna, Pfizer) and viral vector (AstraZeneca, J&J) vaccines.

    With these gene-based vaccines, since they infect your healthy cells and cause them to produce foreign markers (i.e. the spike protein), this can cause an immune response in parts of the body that otherwise would not get them.

    The blood clotting is likely the result of the vaccine infecting the cells of your blood vessels. Platelets will get activated in addition to an immune cell response attacking those cells. If you're unlucky enough, the clotting becomes severe enough in a critical organ as to cause death.

    This would never happen with a traditional inactive vaccine even if they circulate around your body, since your body will only attack the injected vaccine.

    This also would not happen with the actual SARS-CoV2 virus either, since the virus will stay in your respiratory track and not enter your blood stream (at least until late stages of the disease when there may be significant cell destruction of the lungs).

    1. And you have data on the number of people who are experiencing blood clotting or are you just spinning coprolite with an air of certainty?

    2. Use the cockroach method. If there’s one, there’s a lot more.

    3. My point is the way the vaccines work is inherently unsafe. This is the cause. Getting reliable data on effects and their prevalence will take years.

      It's like carrying a gun in your pants without a holster. You might get away with it dozens of times, but it's an inherently unsafe thing to do and is an an accident waiting to happen. You don't need data on this to know you shouldn't do it.

    4. "Inherently unsafe"?

      Please explain.

    5. First, the burden of proof is on those claiming the covid shots are safe. At best, they do not know at this point. Animal trials were skipped and we're in phase 3 of human trials now. There is lots of funny business going on with the trials (reliance on PCR testing which can easily be manipulated based on the cycle threshold, ending the placebo control group, only including young healthy patients in the early trials, outright dismissing any negative outcomes as coincidence...after all the initial phizer trials were done by none other than 3 phizer employees). See the current VAERS data for proof of this! On top of that, all this is done under an EUA that wouldn't be granted if it weren't for the active suppression of legitimate treatments all while the powers that be are pushing for a "great reset" of the western world.

      I'm not qualified to accurate describe the mechanisms, but with some searching you'll find numerous doctors who will elaborate on the possible mechanisms these experimental gene therapies could/should be considered dangerous. Simply studying the history of the pharmaceutical industry and vaccine industry will only give you further evidence to support a strong dose of skepticism regarding any claims that come from that industry.

      Last, if they're so safe why the necessity for blanket liability protection?

    6. RW, are you dense or trolling your own comments? They seem to know more than you do.

  2. Often the feeling that something isn't right proceeds actual facts. Many atrocities have only been proven factual after the acts have been committed.

    Having a funny feeling about something is just as valid as having the latent facts. Facts and feelings make up the human ability to sense predatory danger.

    Most people are sensing something isn't right, they try to fill in the blanks with what little data there is, but the feeling itself is probably completely a correct response to a feeling perceived danger.

    There were conspiracy theories of camps in Germany well before they were factually confirmed.

    We can not disregard the feeling people get and cling only to fact. Both functions need to be working in harmony - one confirming the other.

    1. "Often the feeling that something isn't right proceeds actual facts."

      "Both functions need to be working in harmony - one confirming the other."
      Coprolite. Worse than that, it's dangerous coprolite. This is the type of thinking that leads to antilogic wokeism. Feelings cannot confirm anything not even other feelings. I suggest you read Kahneman and Tversky.

  3. Why call these experimental jabs "vaccines" when they are legally NOT? Let's be consistent in calling a spade a spade. As part of the control group, I'm patiently waiting until at least year end for more results (injuries/deaths). Maybe they'll be fewer intellectually impaired voters for the 2022 "elections." Maybe blue states will lose even more seats in the next census.

    1. Right! They are not sterilizing ( they neither eliminate or reduce infection nor transmission ) which has been the historical standard for what constitutes a vaccine. The evidence to date shows quite the opposite: that 60% of new cases are for those who have been "vaccinated" and there is mounting evidence that some type of enhanced shedding is taking place by those "vaccinated"

      I didn't sign up either but I too am part of the control group.

      Great Choice! And Stay There.

      Once you leave the control group, there is no going back!

    2. Yeah, Anon, we can get rid of dumb voters...are you sure you are in the control group? Pretty sure the votes ain't counted, bruh.

  4. Can someone help me out with my logic here? We're supposed to rely upon VAERS data, which has been shown to represent 1% of actual reactions, to assess novel vaccine damage in a milieu of the greatest, longest big-Pharma infomercial the world has ever seen? How can anyone reasonably comment on this sh*t storm, psy-op?

    1. that's the beauty of it, it's a freaking hydra of illogic and fear!

  5. In 100% agreement with RW here. The jabs seem risky but hard data is elusive.

    That being said my reason for avoiding them right now is the same reason I initially avoided masks. I don't want to participate in hysteria. Mass vaccination is just another panicky move. Great panics occur in waves (see Extraordinary Popular Delusions) and this is another wave.

    It turned out I was right to resist masks. That doesn't mean I am right to resist the jabs. But so far...

    1. for a guy who comments well, it surprises me you would not question the pharma cartel.

    2. Oh I absolutely question it. I think the phrasing used by the pro pharma debate side gives it away.

      I am cautious and skeptical. Guarded, even.

      But I really have not had the time to study this issue. I like to know inside and out before I really take a strong stance.

  6. Completely agree with RW on this one. All of the data is suspect. This lack of trustworthy information has lead me to decide I am not taking the jab. When in doubt, first do no harm.

  7. The important thing is that you don't need it and have decided not to get it. Good For You.

    Unfortunately, tens of millions who also don't need it have rushed to get it and once injected there is no undo. And since they've been driven by the endless fear and power/control/money grab "authorities" who have shown their true colors who want Death, Pain and Suffering, there will be no help for those who jumped in line to become part of an experiment.

  8. The demand is just not there, the authoritarians are going to start punishing every way they can.

  9. When I hear the people who are questioning the safety of these vaccines say things like "people with serious medical problems or the elderly should be the only ones taking this vaccine"...They are basically saying this is a vaccine and will help someone who is already weak, old or ill not get COVID. I think this there is a huge gap in your logic. This is not a vaccine, for any of us. Even old people who take it are risking their health when they take it. In your 3rd paragraph you assume this shot prevents COVID when there is nothing that shows this to be the case. It's an experimental trial of a non Fda gene therapy for me, you and anyone over 80.