Saturday, April 10, 2021

Walter Block: The Guitar Man of Liberty

I have written about this before, Walter Block is The Guitar Man of Liberty.

Here is more proof.

Tommy Raskin, the son of Congressman Jamie Raskin, committed suicide in the early months of the mad COVID-19 lockdowns.

During the memorial service for Tommy, his mother, of all things, told a Walter Block story (starts at the 43 minute and 38 second mark).

This is amazing, this is Dr. Block.



  1. Tommy sounds very infantilized. Doesn't know how to formally address a professor in a letter? "What's a peer-reviewed journal, momma?"
    Or maybe this is Tommy, he of the movie "Tommy Boy" (with Chris Farley)...
    Seriously, was he autistic or something?

  2. And who the Hell won the debate?! Don't leave us hanging, lady!

  3. I had the pleasure of meeting Professor Block when he came to Indiana University to give a speech on how the market would handle pollution. At the end of the speech I hurried up to the stage to meet him. He was very gracious. When we were done talking I turned around to see the whole room behind me in line waiting to meet him. I’m sure he stood there for more than an hour shaking hands and kissing babies.

  4. Here is the URL for the debate: