Thursday, April 1, 2021

Tom Woods Rages Against the Libertarian Party

Tom Woods

Tom Woods, in his email letter that is a must-read for every libertarian, lets out a justified rant against the Libertarian Party for its failure to attack the lockdowns and failure to attack the anti-libertarian government-mandated vaccine passport plan that is in the wind.

In the letter, Woods wrote:

This vaccine passport idea has to be resisted with all our strength.

It doesn't matter, obviously, how you feel about the vaccines themselves...

Of all institutions, you would think something daring to call itself the Libertarian Party would have been out in front for the past year opposing the lockdown nonsense. If ever there were an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, here it was. Much of the Republican Party was on board for lockdowns, and the Democrats were hopeless as usual. Here was their chance to speak to millions of politically homeless people.

Instead, crickets.

He didn't stop there and pointed to a deeper problem at the LP: 

Unfortunately, some of the folks in the Libertarian Party are flat-out blue-pilled. There's no other way to put it. Their instinct is to follow the regime's priorities. (So people who don't hold all the required pieties regarding transgender issues, for example, are "bigots" -- that sort of thing.) 

A person like this, who takes his cues from the New York Times, would die a thousand deaths before publicly opposing Dr. Fauci. Why, only an anti-science crank would oppose a great expert like him!

These are the kinds of people we're dealing with.

Then he took a swing at the Nevada Libertarian Party:

 The worst of the worst are to be found in the Libertarian Party of Nevada. There you can find people who scoff at the nonaggression principle, which is the moral basis of libertarianism, and who are prepared to excuse this or that state atrocity -- because, hey, people who reject the standard narrative are crazy extremists, and we libertarians in Nevada are super reasonable people! So please, good Mr. New York Times reporter, sir, won't you love us?

Bottom line: The woke leaders have done a masterful job of promoting their authoritarian evil. Wokesterism now reaches all the way from the United States military command to the Libertarian Party.

There are few that are brave enough to stand against this woke tsunami. 

In a country of some 330 million, my guess is that there aren't more than 100,000 hardcore libertarians who know the score, can think for themselves and will not bow to massive social pressure. Then there are maybe fellow travelers of a few million more who aren't completely solid but can be important in expanding our base. Then there are the very confused rank and file Trump-followers types who aren't deep thinkers but can probably be steered in favor of many libertarian positions.  

We are a very select group. Our only edge, really, is that we always strive to recognize reality and that is an important edge. Our adversaries are delusional and power-hungry. This makes them very dangerous but we must take advantage of every opportunity when reality knocks them for a loop--as it will often. Reality is their Achilles' heel.

We should attack the failures that will come and, as best we can, address the problems in a way that will catch the ears of libertarian fellow travelers and the rank and file Trump-style supporters.  We must also attack the absurdities that are now promoted as reality. Sometimes, all it takes is a sound voice for those who are suspicious of wokesterism to join the side of reality.

But there are also a lot of souls lost to wokism. It will be a long time before they come out from under the ether if ever.

The only thing we can do with them is, do as Woods does, use them as intellectual pinatas, as object lessons in wrong thinking. If they want to stick their heads above the masses and advance totalitarian wokesterism even further then let them have it.



  1. I feel 100,000 is overly generous. I remember when I was getting involved in politics back in the late 2000s. I looked into the Libertarian Party at the time and was instantly turned off when I saw Bob Barr was their candidate for president.

    Maybe the Libertarian Party had a purpose when it allowed people like Rothbard in. Not to mention Ron Paul's candidacy back in 1988. Now though, it's a complete and total joke.

    I mean when you have people like Gary Johnson saying things like libertarianism is "fiscally responsible and socially tolerant." One has to scratch their head as to what the hell that even means. You could blow out the spending and raise taxes to balance the budget and that would be "fiscally responsible." And social tolerance just meant leftist approved social standards as Gary Johnson said that business owners should not be allowed to discriminate on people based on immutable characteristics.

    There's no talk about the political philosophy of libertarianism. The non aggression principle, property rights, the right of self determination, the right of association etc. are all cut out of their platform. It irritates me to no end.

    Imagine if the Communist Party's platform was promoting tolerance of opinion, the rights of business owners, and abolishing the income tax. Because that is essentially what the Libertarian Party of today has become. Promoting ideas totally antiethical to the philosophy.

    I've have long said that if the Libertarian Party wants to make an actual statement they should have nobody at the top of the ticket. So if you vote for the Libertarian Party you're voting for no one to be president. It could be a great opportunity to make a great case against centralized executive power and ground a lot of people in libertarian thinking. Just as a quick example. I mean it's not like you're gonna win anyway with ass clowns like Johnson and Jorgensen.

    Now I will say that there are some good people in the Party; but I can't help but feel despondent when it seems like the only mouth pieces are the ones promoting this drivel.

  2. This part resonates with me: "Our only edge, really, is that we always strive to recognize reality and that is an important edge. Our adversaries are delusional and power-hungry. This makes them very dangerous but we must take advantage of every opportunity when reality knocks them for a loop--as it will often. Reality is their Achilles' heel."
    I suspect that as rational people who rely on a process of critical-thinking, we have arrived at libertarianism (of anarcho-capitalism, or classical-liberalism, or what have you) honestly; Like the Scientific Method, we have, in our constant, ongoing search for the truth and reality, subjected our hypotheses, conclusions and paradigms to testing, analysis, and healthy skepticism. The result is a pretty solid philosophy as to the proper and efficacious relationship between man and government---certainly closer to truth and reality, due to putting process before desired result, than what is achieved by the Wokesters, the politically-correct and the Ruling Elite, who are hobbled by fallacies of logic, poor reasoning and obsessions with policy goals unsupported by sound principles, and who otherwise think with their emotions and not their minds. The anti-libertarians, in their never-ending revolt against nature, will crash hard against the shoals of reality, time and again.

    1. That paragraph caught my attention also. Your further comments are very close to my thoughts after reading what RW wrote.

      My experience is that reality does not knock these non-critical-thinkers for a loop. They ignore reality when it does not fit their world view. I suspect that when presented with reality they start to be knocked for a loop but, rather than dealing with the pain when their distorted views are revealed to them, they push reality to the back or completely out of their minds.

      This past year has made my view of humanity quite bleak and is causing me some psychological distress. We realists have generations of crap spewed by the “education” systems and corporate media to contend with. It’s going to be a very long road or a huge collapse and probably both for things to swing back toward a little reality.

    2. My ongoing reference over years to the Idiocracy is my defining libertarian statement.

      Discernment is dead in the mass of Joe Public and you cant reason with stupid.

    3. Western Civilization's Kryptonite was Moral hazard, i.e. she was done-in by too many bail-outs, and shielding people and entities from the consequences of their poor actions, which encouraged yet more irresponsible, careless action.
      And the rot began with government schooling, which planted the seed of eschewing responsibility and of blaming others.

  3. Props to the LP Party of Kentucky though for this tweet:

    "Are the vaccine passports going to be yellow, shaped like a star, and sewn on our clothes?"

  4. But libertardians love tyranny when it's implemented by the private sector.

    Maybe I would consider a local libertarian candidate, but the party's open border mass immigration stupidity, trannies, and not acknowledging that race, IQ, and culture matter are problematics for those of us with some sense of reality.

    1. Surely you mean 'Libertardians', with a capital L, to make it clear you mean Libertarian Party members? And not a 'libertarian candidate', which I'm sure we all would welcome no matter his or her party, but a Libertarian candidate.

      The detail of whether the 'l' is capitalized is important if you want to make sense.

    2. I noticed that too. Lab Manager, that Hansen guy and their philistine brethren are always throwing-in philosophical-libertarians ("libertarians") with the Libertarian Party members, when engaging in their vituperative, dyspeptic fulminations; A distinction must be made between Libertarians and libertarians, which I always do (e.g. "philo-libertarian" vs. "Party Libertarians" and the like).

  5. This is what the Nevada Libertarian party tweeted and why I do not SUPPORT THEM - I live in Las Vegas and was very upset to see this: "We support the implementation of free market vaccine passports, preferably implemented on decentralized blockchains, and support all efforts from entrepreneurs to bring trust and value to our medical information and our society at large."

  6. Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay documents a long history of fearmongering and mass hysteria. Yet the human race has managed to dramatically improve its wealth and well being. We have made this progress based on our understanding of reality and our role in it. Enough of us know the rules for human progress that they will not be forgotten. Take heart. The rode to human progress is not straight and there will be setbacks. Politics is not the answer. The LP could never be an effective education platform because people don't look to political parties for education. They look to political parties for power to force their own special interests. As the LP dies education will go on by people like Tom Woods and RW at TargetLiberty and the numerous other groups that promote liberty. And more importantly by the Action of individuals.

    1. Well said. A ray of hope will always exist in The Remnant.

  7. My understanding is that Rothbard did not approve of the founding of the LP in 1971; he thought it "premature", but joined after a few years when he was persuaded it could be an educational vehicle as well as a traditional party. And it was a pretty good one for the most part through the 1988 Ron Paul campaign, though Rothbard and fellow travelers fought hard to rid it of the opportunist Ed Crane/CATO Institute faction, which left some real holes in the organization and seemed to bring an end to education. Gradually what I think of as the "know nothing" libertarians seemed to take over, many not knowing even who Rothbard was. The main ideological battle inside the party became the "idealists" versus the "pragmatists", a misconceived strategic dichotomy that led to the travesties we've seen, such as the Barr candidacy and the tweet about "free market vaccine passports".

    I wish Tom Woods and the Mises Caucus the best in their fight to restore some principle and strategic sense to the LP, but I would question whether trying to commandeer such a derelict vessel in an environment where voting may not matter any more is worth the effort.

  8. I have no idea who these people are or where they come from. Are they CIA plants? Why do they want to join a movement committed to the abolition of private discrimination lawsuits if they are obsessed with being Woke? They are absurdly Woke and pro-trans. Are those folks likely to adopt laissez faire? If you use the phrase “a man in a dress in the little girls’ room” that will get you condemned and cancelled. They deny that there is any anti-white movement afoot (and they giggle if you suggest otherwise). They HATE anyone who wishes to live a traditional or socially conservative lifestyle. They HATE and viciously mock Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, Dave Smith and HHH (among many others) on a daily basis.

    I managed to get elected to the LP of Michigan platform committee and discovered that the “chair” of the committee is James Weeks II, the fat dancing guy in a thong on C-Span. From Facebook:

    “James Weeks II: Well, with people like Heise and Ron Paul calling themselves Libertarians it is completely fair to be lumped in with racists. Until we distance ourselves from people like Heise and Ron Paul we can not complain about being labeled the same as people like Heise and Ron Paul

    Paul Ryan McKenney: A lot of us are trying to distance ourselves from the boys in Auburn. We just can’t seem to get them to go away.”

    It’s not enough to explain that they could have their own private Woke community if they would just leave the social conservatives alone on their property:

    “You’re not an ancap if you buy that Hoppean “covenant community” bulls***. It’s statism, in compact form.”

  9. The Libertarian Party went full idiot a while back-I cannot remember the exact year- when they sent out a poll or query to members of which I was one in regard to the focus of The Party re: policy. The question was should the LP focus on ECONOMIC LIBERTY or instead put all its resources into Recreational Drug/Medical Marajuana / etc. The idea being that the drug issue would attract younger generations to The Party. I recieved the question in an email. Well, it is pretty obvious which direction The Party took. Unfortunately The Party over time like any institution through which people can either grift a living or grift some power has become just another vehicle for group mentality that is solely concerned with growing its flock and its bank accounts. No real difference that The Two larger most evil criminal institutions in the United States, The DNC and The RNC.
    I quit The Party after that email. Obviously those running the party at that time were somehow unaware that the drug issue raher easily dell under the economic liberty umbrella. Their stated objective to essentially fraudulently grow the ranks and their lack of understanding of the over riding principles I found then to be rather unattractive. Those same principles exist today and have only really grown worse. The Party is sad joke in truth. It needs to be burned to the ground along with the DRNC and rebuilt by those who understand libertarian principles.

    1. It's my opinion that these people are not actually Libertarians. They don't understand how libertarianism would work in practice and they don't believe it would work in practice. I am adamant about the abolition of private discrimination lawsuits because they are a form of violence. Abolishing aggressive violence will provide safety for minorities the world over especially minority children. These clowns show no enthusiasm for explaining how a PPS would operate because they don't think it would.

  10. Mr Roddis is correct. The alphabet soup fed agencies always co-op every group. Read “The Plot to Kill King” by W Pepper to understand how they did it to the civil rights movement. Read Dave McGowan on Laurel Canyon to see how they did it to the anti-war movement in the 60s. The tentacles are long and deep. They have the libs convinced Jan 6 was a violent insurrection and they have trumpers believing he will be reinstated.