Saturday, April 17, 2021

Thugs' Lives Matter!!!

The family of the Hispanic Adam Toledo must be very disappointed.

It appears that the only significant protest after the kid got shot and killed by a copper was in his hometown of Chicago.

What gives?

It may come down to the fact that the lead national protest group of coppers shooting thug types is named Black Lives Matter.

I have often thought that this group was misnamed and is an insult to the greater black community. 

Friends of mine who are black do not fear that they are going to be shot by coppers. Even if they get pulled over at a traffic stop, they are not going to be concerned that a taser or gun will be used against them. That's because they are not thugs or near-thugs who are going to do crazy shit when coppers are on the scene.

As best as I can tell, nearly all of those that have been plugged by coppers are thugs or near thugs AND doing crazy shit when coppers are at the scene.

Being black is not the operative problem, being a thug or near-thug and doing crazy shit is the prescription in almost all cases for being plugged by coppers.

Thus BLM should more accurately be named Thugs' Lives Matter and then Toledo would have gotten the appropriate response of national looting, pillaging and burning that accompanies thugs getting plugged by coppers.

I mean, come on, Toledo was shot down in his prime.

A 13-year old out on the streets of Chicago at 3:00 AM with a gun likely has a life expectancy of at least 16 or 17 before some thug takes him out. He likely lost a good 3 or 4 years.

With the proper name to the movement, thug supporters would have been out nationally. Right now there is no response, outside of his hometown, because of the racist name Black Lives Matter.



  1. Why don't we ever hear about private security guards blasting these guys? If they're such thugs and out causing so much trouble, wouldn't that happen?

    A while back you had a post about how many "violent" offenders in prison were likely just black market entrepreneurs who got pinched taking measures to secure their business or customers against real threats and dangers.

    1. Hell why dont we hear about Joe Public doing this sort of thing when they stop Thug lives from exercising their skin color given right to terrorize other humans?