Friday, April 16, 2021

The Establishment is in CYA Mode: The Blood-Clot Problem Is Multiplying

Wow, a story like this doesn't drop in a mainstream mag such as The Atlantic unless there is serious panic amongst the power freaks.

From the story: 

Whether the blood issues are ultimately linked to only one vaccine, or two vaccines, or more...

You mean there is a chance the problem is with more than the J&J vaccine?

It looks like they are going to blame the problem on COVID-19 itself:

 The wrath of COVID-19 will likely stretch into the years ahead, and it’s plausible that the debate over risks related to COVID-19 vaccines will do the same. The 2009 swine-flu strain never really went away, and many scientists now believe that this coronavirus is here to stay as well. But the current pandemic is unlike any public-health crisis in our lifetimes, and it has led to an unprecedented pace of scientific progress. This could lead us to a quicker, more definitive resolution of the vaccine-related clotting issue. If that happens, what’s been learned will help us continue to navigate the promises and pitfalls of new vaccine technologies, and it might even shed light on how clotting goes awry because of COVID-19 itself.

Yeah, right, healthy people under 60 were coming down with COVID-19 and suffering blood clots across the globe. What a con.

The power freaks are in a panic. 

What power freak move are they going to try now to cover their butts.



  1. This could be the beginning of the end for a lot of things, including the cabal.

  2. I would assume the power-freak move would be to blame this all on the "vaccine resisters". It's all their fault for "refusing" to take the experimental drug!

    This of course makes no rational sense to any non-insane person. But then again, the people taking this so-called "vaccine" have been convinced by the power-freaks that they are at mortal risk from a variation of the most common cold virus on earth that statistics shows that 99.9% of the population are not at risk from.

    So it seems plausible to me that the power-freaks will blame the "anti-vaxers" give their highly huge success with the brainwashed masses.

    1. I take my Zinc, Quercetin, Vitamin D daily. I pretty much stay on my boat which is anchored out. Nonetheless, I was chided by an (ex) Canadian friend for "killing Granma" because I said I wasn't scared of COVID.

    2. Don't forget your magnesium and K2 MK-7 to balance out the vitamin D!

  3. They are prepping the masses for the financial meltdown from the digital "9-11" they have planned. The pandemislx is just preparation of the battlespace.

    1. Spot on. The cyber '9-11' is coming. They've been prepping us for 5 years that the Ruskies are on our 'virtual borders'. And, overnight, they'll crash the futures markets and bring in Bretton Woods, 3.0.

      As for the media storm around the AZ and J&J, consider the timing. A 'traditional' adenovirus is taken off the 'market', and Pfizer's CEO announces an annual booster. They want to use these mRNA shots to treat everything from obesity to cancer. (This has been publicly declared by Matt Hancock, the Anglo-soy-boy, "Health" Secretary.) They think they'll be able to do away with the financial burden of 'health' systems through a needle. (N.B., it's been long known - since 2007 - that the J&J type shot causes blood clotting.

  4. OBVIOUSLY, while equally worthless, the establishment is trying to scare people toward mRNA vaccines.