Monday, April 19, 2021

STUDY: Taller People More Likely to Get COVID-19

Being over 6 feet more than doubled the probability of having a COVID 19 medical diagnosis or positive test, reports

A team of scientists in the UK, Norway and the US analyzed data that showed taller individuals are at higher risk, which suggests that the COVID-19 virus transmitted through aerosol transmission is materially significant.

They say the high differential would not have been observed if downward droplet transmission was the only transmission mechanism.

Droplets are bigger than aerosols and are thought to travel relatively short distances and drop quickly from the air and are more likely to be stopped by a mask than aerosols. This brings in yet another reason to question mask-wearing since masks promote aerosol spray of virus particles high into the air.



  1. Lucky I have shrunk an inch-and-a-half.

    All of us with degenerating disks are much better off with the pain and debilitation rather than the threat of a disease with a 0.26% infection rate that is only dangerous to the unhealthy, that is easily avoided by keeping your vitamin D levels sufficient, and that there are effective early treatments for those that do become infected.

    If I were still over 6 foot tall, I would probably be dead. So lucky.

  2. All just theory... no one has caused transmission with droplets or aerosols. This "virus" only infects when no one is looking.

  3. I could see wasting time on this type of study when medicine and science have conquered cancer, etc., but seriously?

  4. Being 6'2", I'm getting my estate plan and will in order immediately.