Monday, April 5, 2021

Spirit Airlines Insanity

More and more workers at more and more corporations feel government-encouraged authoritarian power.

Meanwhile, government creep John Kerry flaunted the mask mandate on an American Airlines flight without repercussions:

We are fast becoming a country of oppressive rules for everyone except elitists.




  2. Zero people have died from covid because a two year old wasn't wearing a mask. Zero. Yet here we are... extraordinary popular delusions...

  3. What struck me most about that clip was the cold, calloused, detached manner of the stewardess, carrying out her function of exerting ham-handed force on the poor family: No prior warnings, no discussion or even hearing their side of things; Just a perfect willingness (probably even an inner glee) to exert and display power. No doubt the phrase "just following orders" was on the tip of her tongue, ready to spill forth.
    She will make an excellent concentration-camp guard in the near future.

    1. An apt description, SJ, When I flew two decades ago, stewardesses were courteous, attractive, and focused on making your trip as pleasant as possible. This woman is more of an overseer than a stewardess.

    2. So start your own airline, cupcake. You lolbertarians constantly bitch about the state, but this is your beloved free market at work.

    3. Paul Hansen - so go live in your beloved North Korea. Or whatever fantasy government land you inhabit in your mind.

      The airlines are heavily regulated by the government, bailed out by the government, and unionized by thugs with government-given "rights". Oh, and you cannot even fly an airplane above 18000ft in US without direct permission from the government for each and every flight. Go read the effing CFR 14 part 121 to understand what is involved.

      Only a complete moron thinks that airlines are operating anywhere close to a free market. Or that you can start one without first licking thousands of government asses for years.

  4. She'll make a great Aunt Lydia if you watch Handmaid's Tale