Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Southampton Hotspot Will Require Vaccine Card for Entry, But Why?

What gives here?

The soon-to-open Buddha Lounge in Southampton will be strictly limited to those who produce a vaccination card, the New York Post reports.

In fact, sources tell the Posts' Page Six that it will feature a sign at the door saying, “No vax — You’re axed.”

But is this to just please the local government?

Page Six reported last summer that restaurateur Zach Erdem — who owns Buddha Lounge — lost liquor licenses, for a brief time, at two of his places in part for breaking COVID safety protocols.

Both his 75 Main and Blu Mar spots in Southampton were written up for not enforcing social distancing, and for selling liquor to underage kids. 

According to the State Liquor Authority, its investigators and local cops inspected the venue on a Saturday night and found customers “ignoring social distancing, with most not wearing facial coverings” and “two bartenders and three servers without facial coverings.”

This does not sound to me like an owner who is buying into the COVID scam, so the vaccine card requirement is interesting, to say the least.

A publicity stunt or government power freaks behind the curtain?

Buddha Lounge is due to open Memorial Day weekend.



  1. Who in the Hamptons won't have been vaccinated? The New York area is friggin' bonkers about the COVIDCon.

  2. Many enforced codes start as recommendations... It's an old game.

  3. Probably both because it looks like the cost of doing business when the State has his businesses by the proverbial balls (aka liquor licenses).