Monday, April 26, 2021

Now They Are Going After White Hollywood Power Brokers

The woke movement is now apparently comfortable enough to go after white Hollywood power brokers.

All that woke virtue signaling to the woke crowd by Hollywood's power elite was all for naught. The knives are now out for the whites among them.

In a New York Times essay, The (Mostly White) Power Brokers Running Hollywood,  Lindsay Crouse, a senior editor and writer in Opinion at the Times and Yaryna Serkez, writer and a graphics editor for Opinion at the Times, write:

The [Academy Awards] group’s membership appears to reflect the mostly white top echelons of power in Hollywood...

The whiteness of the industry can be seen from the board of governors through the nominees in certain categories. In areas such as editing and music, the lack of diversity on a higher level goes hand in hand with a dire lack of representation among nominees... One takeaway? Protest works. Amid the scrutiny of the past seven years, not only has the governors board diversified, but the nominees have as well.

It's another step of agitation by the woke crowd.

Will top corporate executives realize that they are also on the woke menu? 

If they are going after Hollywood power elite, they fear no one.



  1. "Will top corporate executives realize that they are also on the woke menu?"

    Hahaha. There's a major difference between looking white and being white. The ADL and SPLC will make sure you lose your social media and bank accounts if you can't tell the difference.

    1. You think they'll go after any of those Beverly Hills Jews that run studios and production companies?

    2. They'll try. Its sort of like hunting the mafia or coming after deplorables in fly over land ... how hard do you REALLY want to work at it and/or how high a price are you willing to pay for your perceived lack of diversity??