Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Mick Jagger Releases Anti-Lockdown, Anti-Bill Gates and Anti-Deep State Song

He even sneaks in an anti-climate change line. Well, anyway, that is how I am interpreting the song. 

He writes "I wanted to share this song that I wrote about eventually coming out of lockdown, with some much needed optimism."

It is typical rock-style lyrics that can be taken many ways. But  “We’re gonna escape these prison walls” is a very good line.



  1. I don’t know what to think of this. Mick trying to be relevant by being coy? Could be read a number of ways. Clapton’s performance of the Van Morrison written “Stand and Deliver” seems more like the real thing.

  2. I was just thinking this week about Mick"s life partner, Keith Richards and how he has been quite of late. I was thinking that IF I heard Keith giving a PSA like the ones pimping vaccines on the Rock station I here sometimes, and he said HE was going to get the jab, I would then have t consider it. For if there was a bug or a virus that could take out Keith Richards then it might actually be dangerous to a mere mortal like myself.
    Like the old joke goes...What were the first words heard after a worldwide nuclear holocaust?
    Mick Jagger asking "Keith, did you see bright light?"

    1. Wait, you think there are drugs out there that Keith Richards HASN'T done yet? Granted, I'm not sure if smoking the vaccine out of a glass pipe reduces its efficacy.

    2. a one-time friend (woke to the gills) once quipped; "the greatest accomplishment of Mick Jagger has been keeping Keith Richards alive all this time."
      a protest from a knight of the realm? likely?

  3. This sounds like a song that can be interpreted a couple of different ways. It's a good rock rhythm but that's all Dave Grohl. Mick's lyrics don't inspire me to rise up and they sound a little tongue-in-cheek. This might be poking fun at anti-lockdowners just as easily.

  4. Jagger and Grohl are related to people from the peerage and very wealthy before entering the music biz. Any photos of Mick or Dave wearing a mask or making statements to "stay safe" or "stay home" from last year? Are the pro vaccine? There's your answer. All these tough guy Rock N Rollers going along with the Scamdemic agendas.

    1. Neither Jagger nor Grohl have "peerage" class backgrounds and neither of their families were "very wealthy" before they became famous.

      Grohl's mother and father were a school teacher and a journalist, respectively. His father was a special assistant to Robert A. Taft, Jr., son of the famed anti-interventionist Republican Senator Robert A. Taft.

      Jagger's mother and father were a hairdresser and a teacher, respectively. His mother was a member of the Conservative Party in Britain.

    2. Sure, just a few more examples of how people from humble backgrounds with "grit" and "talent" can get ahead, eh Horatio? Did either/both ever have a paper route too?

    3. Ya they all have rags to riches stories they release in the media. They all have connections and relations to open the doors. They are government spooks. Hard to grasp if you were a fan of the music.

    4. https://tenor.com/view/robert-downey-jr-tony-stark-eye-roll-idc-dont-care-gif-17280334

  5. Hmmm...aliens in the deep state, huh. Foreshadowing Project Blue Beam and fake alien invasion that's coming soon.

    Also no doubt the shots are transhumanist and with mind control technologies.

  6. This song made me laugh until I cried. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This same song is being pushed on other sites as being against anyone who opposes the vaccine and other government rules. Supposedly Jagger has said the anti-vaxers are the ones keeping us from being opened up again.

  8. Jagger takes shots at all sides.

    The political class: “Bossed around by pricks”

    Maskeraders and anti-maskers: “That's a pretty mask, But never take a chance…”

    The Gates Industrial Complex, conspiracy theorists, global warming hysterics and deniers, religious fanatics:
    “Shooting the vaccine
    Bill Gates is in my bloodstream
    It's mind control
    The earth is flat and cold
    It's never warming up
    The Arctic's turned to slush
    The second coming's late
    And there's aliens in the deep state”

    The hook is the pandemic is almost over, the New Abnormal was needed, and we are heading back to normal:
    “Now we're out of these prison walls
    You gotta pay Peter if you're robbing Paul
    But it's easy easy
    Everything's gonna be really freaky
    Alright on the night
    We're all headed back to paradise
    Yeah easy. believe me
    It'll be a memory you're trying to remember to forget”

    “Easy cheesy” indeed.

  9. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have been irrelevant ever since Brian Jones and Mick Taylor left the group. Through their legal team they hog everything for themselves even though all the musicians contributed to the end product. Word got around after Mick Taylor left the group so only yes men like Ronnie Wood dare sign up with them. Those two will do virtually anything that will promote their names. Have you heard them say anything negative about the Covid hysteria ? Of course not. It might cut into their sales.

  10. Ambiguous to the extreme, so I'll just 'meh' and keep walking...