Monday, April 26, 2021

Major Signal the COVID-19 Fearmongering is Ending

Scott Gottlieb

Scott Gottlieb, former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, and top COVID-19 fearmonger for the last year, has penned an op-ed that appears today in The Wall Street Journal calling for the end of outdoor mask edicts.

He clearly knows the scam is in its dying days.

He writes in the Journal:

In states such as Texas and New Hampshire, governors have lifted restraints on the size of outdoor gatherings and the need for masks. Connecticut, Rhode Island and others have announced plans to relax outdoor requirements in May. But the policy process in Washington is moving too slowly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance still prescribes social limits while outside. Many governors are reluctant to step out ahead of the agency. About half of states still require people to wear face coverings in all public settings...

The guide for measuring risk should be the overall vulnerability of the population, not only the daily Covid case count. Reducing infection levels is important, but many cases are mild or asymptomatic. Given continued testing, daily cases may hover around 10,000 this summer, but that’s much less alarming than a comparable number last summer, given the population’s fading susceptibility thanks to vaccines.

After a year of sacrifice, more than 140 million Americans have received at least one dose of a vaccine. They know their dangers are receding and want to return to normal. Public-health officials need to be willing to relax some restrictions and tolerate a low level of risk. Americans shouldn’t be afraid to go outside and enjoy the warm weather—no mask required.

The crony pretty boy (he is on the board of Pfizer) is trying to get ahead of the growing counter-revolution.   



  1. You look up crony in the dictionary and you get this guy's picture. Super creep. He laughs his way to the bank. But inside he knows he's nothing. No skill, no talent, no ability to serve his fellow man. Just a common thief.

  2. Mission accomplished! Onto the next phase of the clinical trials. Wait six to twelve months for results.

  3. The digital (electrical grid, banking and economic) "pandemic" is coming. The medical "pandemic" only had to get us there.

  4. Anyone who wore or continues to wear a mask while outside is far too stupid to carry on in this world.
    Gottlieb is special kind of subhuman. On par with Fauci but since he is younger he has not had the time in power to do as much harm. He is another candidate for the Nuremberg style trials that must come of this lest we flush civilization down the toilet.

  5. And lo and behold

    It's almost as if these two are in cahoots...

  6. Awww, how very kind of them to return a small portion of our freedoms (just for the summer). But notice he didn't say anything about lifting the indoor mask mandates. Anything short of that means they're just playing us and aren't really serious about returning to normal.

  7. And Tucker Carlson felt emboldened last night to pile on. He called on viewers to call the police for child abuse on anyone making their kid wear a mask outdoors. Heads exploded all across the beltway. Hahahahahhaa

  8. Just saw a piece where Gottlieb is calling the new CDC guidance late and confusing and that their intransigence on changing guidance is risking the so-called credibility that probably he doesn’t even believe they have.