Saturday, April 3, 2021

London Police Shut Down Catholic Mass on Good Friday


This is nothing but government wielding power.

The parishioners left.



  1. Imagine how pathetic a person you have to be to be that policeman. He could have not gone in, turned a blind eye, and just let them be. I know that people are rightly contemptuous of the politicians who make these rules, but I reserve my deepest contempt for the those at the bottom of the structure who enforce them, since the rules would be meaningless without enforcement.

    1. In my opinion, you have just made the most important point that can be made about tyranny. I think we need to stop blaming politicians for their stupid ideas and begin blaming government gunslingers for their evil actions. If we believe in free will, we must place all of the blame on these thugs rather than the cowardly little political parasites who hide behind them and pretend they have "power". We need to remind the thugs that it is they who are choosing tyranny, not the stupid politicians who are merely wishing for tyranny.

  2. Fortunately, there are still a few heroes:

  3. The head of their flock couldn't be bothered with a simple "Get out Satan!"

  4. If we had bishops who had courage and truly believed in His rising, they would announce that Mass would be at the prisons, where they would be until this ended.