Sunday, April 4, 2021

Google Promotes the End of Lockdowns, But...

 ...promotes it in conjunction with taking COVID-19 vaccines.


The Deep State-Corporate State knows they can push the lockdowns any further but they are going to give one more big push for vaccines.



  1. Hahhh .. who still pays attention to Gestapo-Google? Anyone?

    1. Millions of humanifom hamsters, unfortunately. And they vote.

  2. Yeah I get the NY Times letter in my email, and every other day they are still trying to fear monger. They don't use any kind of data to back up their claims it's all pettifogging speculation. We now have to be scared of the variants of covid, and this may require additional vaccinations or booster shots. Again these clowns have to keep trying to sell the narrative that Covid is the biggest threat of our lifetimes otherwise how's Joe Biden suppose to sell his "infrastracture" bill.

    We have to spend trillions of dollars on Democratic policy that has been pushed for years now so we can fight a virus that is not a threat to over 99% of the population! And if you don't support their particular policy well the only reason is that you don't care if people die. Just don't point out that they support institutions that have lead to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people. Then you're just playing politics. I cannot wait until this all comes to bite them on the ass.