Thursday, April 1, 2021

Finally, YouTube Wants to Help Me

 Just got this in the mail from YouTube.

They apparently want to give me a chance to report myself as a straight, white male.

Start the new YouTube creator & artist survey now!
Hi Robert,
We’re committed to improving our support for all creator communities on YouTube and their continued success. That's why today we're inviting you to participate in our creator & artist survey, where you can voluntarily provide information about your race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation for your channel.
Collecting this information helps us to better identify more equitable opportunities for all creators & artists, improve our systems and processes, and ensure that YouTube is inclusive and our platform works for everyone - read our Help Center article here to learn more.
We believe identity is something that is personal and sharing this information should always be optional. You may have thought YouTube knows all of this about your channel already, but we don't.
Here is the video that comes up if you click on the Help Center link:


I think I will wait on filling out the survey until it is a day when I feel more like a trans from Bougainville.



  1. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can realize this makes no sense at all. If YouTube does not know anything about your gender/ethnicity then how can it be biased against you? Providing this information only invites bias into the equation.

    This gets into the whole "equality" vs. "equity" issue. If equality is all they are looking for that's easy, just treat everyone equal and it's best not to know the demographics. If they are looking for equity (i.e.: tilting the playing field in favor of certain groups), then of course they want the demographics information so they can treat people differently - meaning not equally.

  2. Since it is OK to self-identify your gender, race, age, etc, this opens the door to some confusing and unrealistic results for Youtube. I wonder what combination of "personal" information will yield the most benefits from Youtube and the most revenue from the channel? And will they even be the same? This could become very expensive for Youtube and perhaps a legal nightmare.