Thursday, April 8, 2021

Does an Anti-Mask Flash Mob at a Grocery Store Make Any Sense?

RM emails:

This is terrific: How to Choke the Woke!

We have been kicking around the idea of flash mob grocery shopping in our area. No mask, no confrontation, no cares... medical conditions exempt folks from mask mandates here at home. Gather a dozen or more to synchronously invade a grocery store and quietly shop. It’s working in other areas and we are gathering in our area soon!

I’d like to hear any ideas you might have.

Well, first off, I want to make clear I don't condone anything that is illegal. I don't know where you are located but check your local regulations before doing anything.

Whenever conducting a protest activity, you have to ask yourself, "What am I trying to accomplish?"

A flash mob at a grocery store sends a signal that some are objecting to mask-wearing. There is nothing wrong with this but it is a very limited exercise from a tactical perspective. Most who believe in mask-wearing are just going to think you are nuts. The same goes for grocery store management. They will not be impressed.

I would shoot for something that puts more pressure on the local grocery store, that makes them at least a bit uncomfortable, and is educational.

Form an innocuous-sounding group, something like The People in Support of Greatness in [your city].

Then go to the store with your group (wear masks) and let an employee know (or call in advance) that The People in Support of Greatness in [your city]\ have chosen to give the store owner/manager an award.

He will come out for this to meet you.

Then have a carefully crafted framed certificate that you present to him: "2020-21 Authoritarian Mask Nazi of the Year of (your city)."

Be sure to record this and if you can find a friendly local reporter, tip the reporter off to cover the "award" ceremony.

BUT, you also need to detail your objections to the mask-wearing. Be prepared to explain to any reporter, or anyone else, about the dangers of mask-wearing, for example, as reported in the Review of Optometry.

Also, prepare a flyer that on one side highlights the "award" for demanding mask-wearing and on the other side lists the talking points of the Review of Optometry featured in the study. Hand it out to everyone.

Then the following week, go to another grocery store, with media in tow, and put masks on the bananas and jars of tomato sauce arguing that it is safer to put masks on these items than on humans, so if the store manager has a mask authoritarian streak you want to make it as harmless as possible so people can be free---and handout your fliers.

Some rules to keep in mind when setting up these kinds of protest events: Always attempt to make it as newsworthy as possible, but education must be part of the campaign. Make sure you have your talking points down cold about why you are protesting.

The counterrevolution advances with big and small protests.

They should follow the rules of lefty radicals and government-related provocateurs who have studied the best way to protest: make them fun and personalize.



  1. It is important to have a few masked plants within the protesters to run interference for any of the more rabid or unpredictable elements who want to create a confrontation. If the plants can id’d beforehand for the protesters, it will create disorientation.

  2. This is creative. I aree with unowned, It would be wise to prepare tactics to counter the opposition and diffuse Nazi Instigators as well.

  3. What happened to the lolbertarian respect for private property rights? Oh right, you guys are all retards...

    1. Last century, in some locations, state and local government statutes made it a crime for barbers to serve black customers.
      If a barber wanted to make extra money serving blacks, he might have been too scared to do it or even let anybody know that he wanted to allow it.
      Hence, if a group of Freedom Riders staged a sit in in his barber shop, then he might FEIGN disapproval but secretly approve.
      Such is the case with business owners and face diaper edicts.
      In such a totalitarian state, there is no way to know what a property owner actually desires.
      So, you're going to have to try to find another reason to show us again how un-retarded authoritarianism is. I'm sure you will try.

    2. Where were you retards when the internet censorship hammer came down on the Daily Stormer and Andrew Anglin? Virtually every libertarian was supporting it and virtue signaling to the rest of your leftist butt buddies about how not racist you are ("look at me, I like Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell!"), and now that everyone has been censored against speaking out about masks and vaccines you think there is a real problem. You want corporations deciding who is and isn't allowed to speak? Guess what, they'll also decide who is and isn't allowed to wear a mask. Don't cry about it now.

    3. As soon as I see Mr Hansen's name, 'libertardian', 'lolbertarian', or similar inflammatory terms, I know I've encountered a troll and I stop reading and move on to the next comment. Wolfgang Bohringer has a good response in this case, but it will not educate the troll in the least (his goal is not to learn or discuss, it is to provoke anger) and it is generally regarded as best to "not feed the trolls".

    4. @Scott Because libertarians don't simply dismiss everyone they disagree with by calling them a statist, authoritarian, or some other similar inflammatory term? Please tell me how libertarians condoning the right of private companies to censor speech, but now being outraged that private companies are forcing customers to wear a mask on their premises is anything other than blatant hypocrisy.

  4. In my city, we periodically have groups of about 25 to 50.
    We file into a big grocery or other big-corp store and make a slow clockwise circuit around the outside and back aisles.
    Most of us have signs focusing on the issue of face masks being unhealthy.
    A few of us have stacks of fliers we hand out focusing on the bad health effects caused by face masks.
    At the front of the line is 1 person with a bull horn set to a low pleasant volume, telling the shoppers that we're concerned about their health and we have helpful information.

    We get LOTS of encouragement from customers inside and outside the stores--along with a good amount of angry discouragement.
    Its clear the encouragement we are providing the shoppers is appreciated and worth doing.

    After we exit a store we protest in front of the store for a while.
    Sometimes the in-fear-of-Jim Crow store managers call the cops.
    We always stay and protest out in front of the store until the cops come and the cops are always nice to us and always tell us they're just enforcing the trespass laws inside the store and not the face diaper edicts--and then we leave and go to another store in another part of town.

    This should be done everywhere. And no one should EVER initiate their own face diapering. At least make the in-fear-of-Jim Crow store managers demand it from you EVERY time--even in corporate-commie California.
    This is the most sickening, evil, de-humanizing escalation of slavery ever concocted and all that has to happen to make it stop is a few people not be afraid of being scolded by a commie.