Friday, April 23, 2021

Clown Biden Wears Mask During Video Call...

...yesterday for a discussion on climate change with world leaders.

He is the only one wearing a mask.



  1. If he always has a mask on, there's no need to manipulate the video. They can just have a voice actor or voice manipulating audio program over Obama or Harris to do the actual talking while Biden has a camera on him as he watches his favorite cartoons.

  2. Thank goodness he's staying safe! What an example for the Free World. Shame the other leaders hate grandma.
    When you're in a deep hole, just keeping digging. Eventually, you'll end up in China.

  3. He heard someone had shown a picture of COVID on Zoom and it went VIRAL!

  4. It's akin to wearing a condom while masturbating. Pointless.

    1. I agree at his age masturbating would be pointless, but at least a condom would often more protection by offering a better seal than a mask.

  5. Credit where it's due: the rest are saying "do as I say, not as I do". Biden is representing a responsible nanny state

  6. Maybe he's starting to drool and the face covering masks it.

  7. You guys are being unfair. Cut the guy some slack! He's obviously senile and needed the mask to catch the drool that was dribbling down his chin while he was speaking.