Wednesday, April 7, 2021

BREAKING: Police Raid and Put Up Fences Around Alberta Church That Defied Lockdown Orders

This is how the state reacts when you attempt to defy it.

GraceLife Church, the Alberta church which made headlines for defying provincial pandemic-related lockdown orders, is being blocked off by police using roadblocks and fencing to prevent worshippers from reaching the building.

The Post Millenial reports that the premises was raided in the early morning.

The state is a very evil and dangerous adversary. Be smart out there.



  1. But the key thing is when they put up the fencing was there an equal number of male and female supervisors, along with adequate minority representation?

  2. Private Paladin security? What the hell is that?

  3. I expected this. Heavily armed bureaucrats are extremely vindictive when ordinary people are not awed by their presence. Such expect their victims to fall prostrate before them and worship the mighty power of their god the state and they are highly incensed and vindictive when not instantly worshiped and obeyed by ordinary people. That and they expect a good retirement, so the tax payers must be taught not to question the raw power of the standing amoral army.

  4. Shows their true colors and it will turn others toward the fight for Liberty. Use this as a positive.

    The city population needs to approach this as an affront against one is an affront against all and everyone turn out next Sunday and surround the barricade 20 deep, and hold services with a live stream.

    What the church needs to do is seek legal action with every person in the city signing on.

    Next election turn out every elected official from the top down as the lesser magistrate did not act.


  5. Never allow yourself to surrender. You will never fight again.