Monday, April 19, 2021

Bill Maher Tells It Like It Is To Liberals About COVID-19

This is very impressive. 

Bill Maher gets it about 95% right and he is telling it the way it is to a liberal audience.



  1. I'm glad he points out how obesity is an actual health crisis. Unfortunately, the Michael Obama "Let's Move" program was doomed to fail. Unless you're genetically gifted, you can't out work a bad diet.

  2. I lived in Pakistan for nearly two years as an embassy guard in the Marines. This was a lifetime ago. This was just before 9/11.

    I was so arrogant back then. America was great and exceptional. Americans were great. Western Christian civilization was so great. Americans are so smart. We don't believe in cultish nonsense.

    I would look at the Pakistanis and think so low of them. They are so dumb, I thought. They believe anything. They riot on the basis of any crazy news story and don't even care how much of it is true. They wear things that cover their face and heads and don't question it. They are all so stupid.

    It turns out in my comparison of Pakistanis vs. Western culture, I was half right.

  3. He can't be the only mainstream left-liberal that thinks this way; it's so amazing how they all fall in line (regardless of knowing better). The only thing more cherished than their scientism is uniformity. To question the narrative is heresy.

  4. Bill Maher is the reason I first heard of Ron Paul; it's good to see him come around (albeit slowly) on such an important issue. It'll be nice if others can do the same